Gluten Free Fish and Chips

It’s not always the everyday foods that Coeliacs miss. Special treats such as take-aways and meals out are often more of a difficulty if you’re gluten free, especially if you’re a fan of fish and chips.

But if you’re on Facebook, then one woman has the answer to finding fish and chips that you can eat! Heather Shore has been diagnosed as a Coeliac for 12 years, and found herself desperately missing fish and chips, so she has created a Facebook group to try and discover and share gluten free chip shops over the UK

Do you miss gluten free fish and chips?

The group, called GLUTEN FREE FISH AND CHIP SHOPS IN THE UK! features discussion boards and posts showing gluten free fish and chip shops all over the country.

Heather said: “The very first food I missed on the gf diet was ‘Chip shop’ fish n chips and it’s only in the past few years that I have found out about gf fryers.”

She came up with the idea after looking on a gluten free discussion board. “I mentioned that I travelled an hour to get gluten free chip shop chips. A few people were really interested about it. They wanted to know where it was and were upset when they realised they were too far away.” She said.

Heather felt great satisfaction in helping them to find gluten free shops near them, and decided, “lets find them all!” So she started the group on Facebook and it has been growing since.

She added: “I get really excited every time I find or someone posts another gf shop – We have found shops near the coast and so I am now looking forward to eating a bag of chips along the sea front. It’s the little things like that I have really missed.”

I think the group is an amazing idea, and I have managed to find a gluten free fish and chip shop near me!

For more information or to join the group, click here.


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