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If I had to pick one single food I have pined over for the last 20 years of having coeliac disease it would be gluten free egg noodles.

I just cannot understand why no supermarkets have bought out gluten free egg noodles in the two decades I’ve been gluten free.

It seems like such a staple product and yet I’ve spent more than half my life without one of the foods I miss more than anything.

Which is why I am SO excited to bring you my brand new homemade gluten free noodles recipe!

Making egg noodles gluten free is actually nowhere near as difficult as I thought and now I think I’ll be making these on a weekly basis.

Get ready for lots of gluten free noodle recipes to be added to this blog post because egg noodles are back in my life and I’ve never been happier.

Including my gluten free chow mein which is just the perfect takeaway dupe!

Read on for my step-by-step instructions on how to make egg noodles gluten free – and you too can experience foodie bliss.

gluten free egg noodles
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Are egg noodles gluten free?

Regular egg noodles you pick up in the supermarket are made using wheat flour and therefore are not gluten free.

And it seems like in the UK there is literally nowhere you can actually buy gluten free egg noodles either!

I often opt for rice noodles when making noodle-based dishes but they’re just not the same.

And for a while I had some hope when a brand called Oomi released some noodles made from (weirdly) fish protein which were similar in texture to egg noodles.

But I can’t find these in the supermarket anymore and after a frustrating bout of trying brand after brand of rice noodles, I decided to make my own.

Nothing had the right texture and honestly these are so easy, you don’t even need any specialist ingredients or equipment.

So until one of the supermarkets or free from brands finally cracks egg noodles gluten free, I’ll be making these regularly!

gluten free egg noodles

Ingredients for gluten free egg noodles

There’s a full printable recipe card below, but here’s an overview of the five ingredients you need to make these gluten free egg noodles.

Keep scrolling to the recipe card for the exact quantities and full recipe.

  • Gluten Free White Bread Flour: In this recipe I use the FREEE gluten free white bread flour which can be found in most UK supermarkets. A plain or All Purpose gluten free flour blend would work. But this is the best flour for this noodle recipe by far.
  • Xanthan Gum: When baking gluten free recipes, xanthan gum is essential. It helps to replicate the ‘stretch’ of gluten. This recipe calls for half a teaspoon but if your gluten free flour doesn’t contain any xanthan gum, add one teaspoon instead.
  • Tapioca Flour: Tapioca flour (sometimes called tapioca starch) is a key part of this recipe because it helps to add a delicious chewiness to the noodles. I used this gluten free tapioca flour which I found in my local Morrisons but is also in Amazon.
  • Eggs: I use large eggs in this recipe – and one egg yolk. Make sure you don’t throw the extra egg white away as it can be used in my gluten free prawn toast recipe. Or you could make some meringue for dessert!
  • Olive Oil: Any oil will work but I use olive oil for ease and because it adds a tiny touch of colour to the gluten free noodles. This just helps with the overall texture of the dough.

All the exact quantities are in the recipe card below, and I would recommend following this exactly and not substituting anything.

There are only five ingredients and I’ve tested this recipe to get them just right so any swaps might change the recipe drastically.

gluten free egg noodles

How to make gluten free egg noodles

There’s a full recipe card below but I’ve also got a bit of a step-by-step guide with photos to show you how to make these noodles.

And if you keep scrolling there’s also a video too!

First of all you need to mix your flours and xanthan gum together. Then beat the eggs together in a separate bowl.

making egg noodles gluten free

Once you have the two separate wet and dry ingredients it’s time to start mixing them together into a dough.

Do this by adding the egg mixture to the flour, bit-by-bit.

Keep mixing together until it starts to come together and then add in the olive oil.

It should form a sticky dough – this is when we wrap it and let it sit for a while to properly develop.

After it’s sat for about 15-20 minutes, knead the dough into a smooth ball and then divide into four equal pieces.

gluten free egg noodles

One piece at a time, roll the dough out super thin, to around 2mm thick. Make sure you keep turning it so it doesn’t stick and use lots of extra flour.

I use this adjustable rolling pin because it means I can roll my dough out evenly.

Once rolled out, trim any rough edges and then use a pizza cutter to cut thin strips – these will be your noodles.

cutting gluten free noodles

Once you’ve cut all your noodles, gather them together and dust with extra gluten free flour, placing them down in a nest.

Repeat this with all the dough and then you’re ready to cook!

I leave my noodle nests to dry out a little before cooking, but it really is that easy.

gluten free egg noodles

How to cook gluten free noodles

Once you’ve made your gluten free egg noodles it is super easy to cook them.

I’ve described the process below but I also now have a handy video just to show you how easy they are to make.

As with all gluten free pasta or noodles you should always bring the water to the boil BEFORE adding them.

I use salted water and get it on a nice rolling boil, before adding the noodles.

Pop the lid back on to get them to the boil again quickly and then simmer for around 2 minutes before straining and adding straight to the wok with any sauce.

Once you’ve stir fried the sauce through you’re good to tuck in!

gluten free egg noodles

My gluten free egg noodles recipe

These gluten free egg noodles are honestly SO easy to make and you only need five ingredients to make them.

They’re perfect for making gluten free chow mein or any other noodle-based dish which you have been missing.

This recipe makes enough for two people and I’d recommend eating them fresh – they’re perfect for chucking in my chow mein recipe.

You can of course increase the quantities if you want to make more, just make sure you roll them in smaller pieces to make it easier.

So, for example, if you double this recipe, cut the dough into eight pieces instead of four, et cetera.

If you make this recipe and love it, please do let me know by tagging me on my Instagram or using #theglutenfreeblogger. I love seeing your bakes!

And if you loved it, please do leave a review to let others know you loved it too! It would mean the world to me. 

gluten free egg noodles
Yield: 2

Gluten Free Egg Noodles

Prep Time: 30 minutes
Cook Time: 2 minutes
Total Time: 2 minutes

Missing egg noodles? These gluten free egg noodles only need 5 ingredients and are perfect for making gluten free Chinese takeaway recipes. This recipe makes enough for two people and is also dairy free.



  1. Mix the gluten free bread flour, xanthan gum and tapioca flour together in a large mixing bowl until fully combined.
  2. In a separate small bowl or jug, add the eggs and egg yolk (keep the egg white to make my gluten free prawn toast!) and whisk lightly with a fork until combined.
  3. Gradually add a little of the egg mixture to the flour mixture, using a wooden spoon to bring it together. Once you've added all the egg and the dough is starting to come together properly, add the olive oil.
  4. Keeping beating with a wooden spoon until the dough becomes thick and sticky. Turn it out onto a piece of clingfilm wrap tightly and leave to rest at room temperature for around 15-20 minutes.
  5. After the dough has rested, lightly flour the worktop with a little of the gluten free bread flour and then turn the dough out onto it. It will still be very sticky, so lightly flour your hands and then knead the dough into a ball. Try not to add too much flour - just enough so that it forms a smooth ball.
  6. Flatten the ball a little with your hands then cut the dough into 4 equal portions. Generously flour the work surface with more gluten free bread flour and place one portion down on it - you can wrap the extra portions in clingfilm to stop them drying out.
  7. Roll the piece of dough into a long rectangle, around 2mm thick, turning it over regularly to ensure both sides are well floured and do not stick. It should be easy to roll and handle.
  8. Trim any rough edges then use a pizza cutter or sharp knife to cut the rectangle into long ribbons, ideally a couple of mm thick. Don't worry too much about them being exactly straight and even - just call it rustic!
  9. Once you've cut all the ribbons, gather the noodles up gently with your hands, dust with a little extra flour then place on a floured surface in a nest. Repeat until you have cut all the noodles.
  10. Leave the noodle nests to rest for 10-15 minutes to dry slightly.

To cook the noodles

  1. When you're ready to cook the noodles, bring a large pan of salted water to the boil. It MUST be boiling before you add the noodles, as with all gluten free pasta or noodles!
  2. Carefully lower the noodles into the pan and bring back to the boil. Cook for around 2 minutes, stirring occasionally to ensure the noodles don't stick. Strain and then add them to your sauce straight away, stir frying for another minute or so before serving hot.


  • Ideally these noodles are best when made and eaten straight away.

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Nutrition Information:



Serving Size:


Amount Per Serving: Calories: 478Total Fat: 12gSaturated Fat: 4gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 8gCholesterol: 371mgSodium: 202mgCarbohydrates: 78gFiber: 1gSugar: 4gProtein: 13g

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gluten free egg noodles
gluten free egg noodles

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  1. How would this recipe need to be updated using Cup 4 Cup All purpose flour which already has Xantham Gum and Tapioca starch?

    1. I haven’t used this flour before so can’t be 100%. However the flour I usually use has tapioca flour and xantham gum in too, so I’d recommend sticking to the recipe quantities.

  2. I’m unable to get tapioca flour , can I use rice flour instead ?
    Many thanks
    Love so many of your recipes and really have missed noodles
    Nicky x

    1. You can usually order tapioca flour on Amazon – unfortunately rice flour makes things crumbly, whereas tapioca flour adds stretch – so this swap wouldn’t work! Hopefully you can order some online 🙂

  3. Loved these and found them really easy to make, I cut my first batch too thick so when they puffed up when cooking were a bit rubbery so the next few batches i cut much thinner and they were perfect! Thank you for another great recipe! (ps i got my GF bread flour in morrisons, the only place i could find it!)

  4. Hi Sarah,

    My partner has been recently diagnosed coeliac and I love baking so I’m really glad to have found your website!

    I haven’t tried this recipe yet but we both love Japanese food and ramen is a firm favourite that I make a lot. I was just wondering if it was possible to make a big batch of these noodles and freeze or dry them somehow so it’s all ready to go whenever we want? Have you tried this at all?