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It’s already the middle of November, that wonderful time of year when the office Scrooges are banning any whiff of a festive tune and it’s like a tinsel bomb went off in the High Street. But when you’re gluten free, Christmas is a magical time.

Because Christmas means LOTS of exciting new gluten free treats to try! While everyone else is busy moaning about how it’s too early, here’s what us coeliacs are getting excited about already. How many of these can you relate to?

Christmas sandwiches are ON

gluten free christmas food 2017 uk the gluten free blogger 4

Marks and Spencer’s Christmas sandwich is finally back on the shelves and every coeliac who ever said ‘I hate when Christmas food starts so early’ is suddenly ok with eating turkey and stuffing and cranberry sauce for lunch. Every day. Until we’re poor.

Everyone’s a gluten free baker

gluten free christmas food 2017 uk the gluten free blogger 6

Tesco releases new DIY Christmas kits and suddenly everyone on a gluten free diet is considering how good they will be at baking and how much they can impress their friends with a gluten free 3D gingerbread star.

Party food for dinner – every night

gluten free christmas food 2017 uk the gluten free blogger 1

‘Proper’ meals go out of the window as dinner is replaced by trays of gluten free party food. Because mini foods covered in gluten free breadcrumbs are way too excited to miss out on, so we must eat them all.

It’s all about the gluten free Christmas pudding

gluten free christmas food 2017 uk the gluten free blogger 6

Suddenly it becomes acceptable to eat gluten free Christmas pudding for dessert. Every Sunday. And possibly leftovers on weekdays. Because it would criminal to NOT taste-test before the big day, right?

Gluten free mince pies become essential

costa gluten free vegan mince pie 32_Fotor

Gluten free mince pies replace gluten free digestive biscuits with our mid-morning cup of tea, and you know what, we’re all OK with that. Because we want to make sure we’ve tried each and every single brand possible – especially the new ones!

Carvery = three bird roast

gluten free christmas food 2017 uk the gluten free blogger 6

Sunday carvery is replaced with a three-bird roast complete with gluten free stuffing. Sure, it’s only November but it’s basically just a roast dinner, except it comes in a shiny festive box…

Downing Christmas drinks like there’s no tomorrow 

gluten free christmas food 2017 uk the gluten free blogger 6

It feels obligatory to test every single Christmas coffee possible. I mean, you don’t even like syrup in coffee but because it’s Christmas you’re going to drink it. And probably moan about how sweet it is after. But who cares, because it’s gluten free!?

What have I missed?

What gluten free Christmas food gets you excited? I’d love to know what you’re most looking forward to eating this Christmas! 

Comment below with your favourite gluten free Christmas foods, or comment on my Facebook  Twitter and Instagram pages!

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  1. I’ve just made my first mincepies using riceflour, works quite well! I’m in Austria and could weep when I saw your goodies on this posy, its very limited what I can get here!!! Enjoy them for me!

  2. It is so funny how excited we get at Christmas! I’ve not seen the kievs yet…. must go check them out.
    I got a bit spooked after one of the M&S sandwiches though. The packaging is way too similar to the wheat version and I had one a couple of weeks ago which tasted way too wheaty (but the pack was clearly ‘GF”). I was really unwell after I ate some….. has put me off a bit…. I did risk another today and it was definitely GF xx