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I have been bad. Like, really bad.

I was doing so well with my training, eating clean, drinking lots of water, cutting coffee, feeling motivated and getting results. But it all went a little downhill….

It started when I put my back out, and then went on holiday. And then I was ill, and THEN I went on a boozy hen weekend, and here I am today, too scared to ask PT Steve for a body fat reading because I know it isn’t going to be good.

Noooo, no more!!
Noooo, no more!!

But now I’ve slipped back into bad habits, it’s made me realise how healthy I felt when I was doing everything right! Ok, I was eating right 90 per cent of the time and having at least one treat a week, but it was GREAT.

I had so much energy, I lived through each day at work excited about my workout that evening and I slept well every night. I hadn’t had a cold for months (normally I am plagued by them) and as soon as I added too many treats + alcohol back into my diet I’ve felt ill for about a month.

You see, I don’t want to be the person who’s on it one moment and eating crap the next. I don’t want to ‘have a break’ from my ‘diet’ – I want it to be a lifestyle choice. I hate the word diet!

I want to eat healthy all the time so it doesn’t matter if I have a treat. I won’t feel guilty if I eat a cake, a pizza, or a bowl of pasta. Because I’m not doing it for some faddy weight loss diet, I’m doing it because I know having coeliac disease and thyroid problems makes me more immune to further problems. And I don’t want to give my body any more excuses to get ill.

Because exercise is so important if you have coeliac disease. It lowers your risk of osteoporosis for starters, and being so accident prone, brittle bones is the last thing I need. I also want to take good care of my gut – it’s been through enough gluten-induced trauma and I don’t want to keep filling it with rubbish food.

Getting started is always the worst part of exercise and clean eating. Going from lazing on the sofa eating pizza to being a lot stricter and actually moving is hard – it’s especially hard when you have a thyroid that’s saying ‘noooo, I don’t want to move I want to sleep!’.

But when I start eating right and exercising I can’t believe how great it makes me feel. And this is why I am writing this blog post, because I’m not just making a promise to myself but to everyone who reads this that I am going to sort myself out and start training again!

Wish me luck…..

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  1. Good luck Sarah – you can do it! I’m in a similar boat with the exercise part and need to do more of it… I swear by green juices to supplement the diet and make you feel good – spinach or broccolli blended with apple juice work a treat. :o)