Gluten free health kick: A day in the life…

Gluten free health kick: A day in the life…

Ok, so I’ve been working with PT Steve (cue shameless plug for boyfriend: check out his brand new website here) to try and kick my diet into shape and he’s got me on a tailored eating plan. The premise is simple – I eat a set amount of calories each day (which he was worked out by working out my BMR – aka, how many calories I burn a day by simply being alive) and I’m to make them up from protein and fat sources, avoiding starchy carbohydrates. Obviously the balance for everyone is different and there’s a lot of science behind it, but put simply, if I do as he says my body will burn my fat stores and therefore I will be on my way to six-pack bliss.

We’re a week in, and minus a mishap which involved a FREE ONE KILOGRAM LINDT CHOCOLATE BUNNY being sent to our office (yes, their timing was impeccable and yes, I did give in to temptation – what sane person wouldn’t!?) I think I have been doing okay. It’s just two weeks until our holiday and while I was hoping to have got myself into a bikini-ready form before then, I hope I will at least see a little bit of a loss in time for the flight! As long as any more bunnies don’t get in my way…

I try to eat four meals a day – breakfast, lunch at around midday, another meal at around 4pm (then I train, if I have time, and have a post-workout protein shake) and then dinner at around 6pm-7pm. I thought it would be interesting to provide an insight into a day’s worth of food for you all. I track my calories through My Fitness Pal – I have an app on my phone and it’s brilliant. I just put in what I eat and it works it all out for me. I use this to plan ahead so I can ensure I hit my calories!

So, a day in the life looks like…


gfb food diary (2)

I did a blog post a while back with some breakfast ideas, but my favourite at the moment is smoked salmon with scrambled eggs. I look forward to it every morning! I have mine with two handfuls of fresh baby spinach, which wilts down as the eggs cook. I take my supplements in the morning with a big glass of water, and after that I have a white filter coffee. I am trying to cut down on the sugar, and may even get down to black coffee eventually!

Lunches – meals 2 & 3

Prawns, avocado and salad
Prawns, avocado and salad

Both of my ‘lunch’ meals are normally interchangeable and usually involve salad. Now it’s getting warmer I could eat salad until the cows come home! I find if I buy baby spinach leaves and rocket leaves, it lasts a lot longer than buying ready mixed salad packs. I usually whack green leaves, raw peppers, mushroom and broccoli, and spring onions in with my salad. Sometimes I’ll add sweetcorn, grated carrot or beetroot to add a bit of colour!

Home made burgers with a colourful salad
Home made burgers with a colourful salad
Prawn salad with my home made pesto
Prawn salad with my home made pesto

For the protein part I tend to go for a variety – prawns, chicken, turkey, tuna, or turkey, beef or pork mince made into meatballs, burgers, or just fried in some coconut oil and spice.

For the fats, I got for a variety of feta cheese, goats’ cheese, olives, avocado or olive oil dressings. I also have to include any butter or oil that I may have cooked the meat in. I also made an awesome pesto using olive oil, fresh basil, parmesan cheese and pine nuts. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring!


gfb food diary (5)

I particularly enjoy dinner because it is usually a hot meal! The premise is the same as my lunches, except I usually substitute the salad for steamed vegetables. The meal pictured above is chicken breast (roasted), with asparagus and spinach that was steamed lightly and then mixed in a pan with goats’ cheese to it all melted into a yummy, gooey mess!


I also enjoy eating fish in the evening, it’s a light meal and I can’t take it into work for lunch because it stinks out my office! ¬†Trout is one of my favourites, or I also enjoy tilapia fried in a little butter with salt, pepper and garlic. Veg is normally the green stuff – spinach, asparagus and broccoli are some of the faves!

Any leftovers?

If I have any leftover calories, I will often have some form of protein shakes. One of mine and Steve’s favourites, depending on how much fat we have to make up, is chocolate protein powder, coconut milk and almond butter. This is almost like a mousse if you don’t water it down much! I also enjoy a little dark chocolate (at least 85 per cent cocoa) and cottage cheese to fill me up as well.

I hope this gives you a little insight into what I’m eating at the moment – in the last couple of weeks I think I have lost some body fat, particularly around my stomach and hips, so I am looking forward to continuing my journey and hopefully seeing some good results! Now I have some time to actually train I should seem something happening! I’ll keep you posted…




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