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My, my, what another busy month! February is a short one it’s flown by (feel like I say this every month!?) – so sorry this post is a little later than usual. But there really have been so many gluten free happenings this month – from new Tesco free from ready meals to Mr Kipling cakes, it’s been all go.

It certainly is an exciting time to be coeliac – I’ve never seen so much gluten free food, the free from aisles are positively bursting! Here’s a run down of some of my favourite gluten free highlights in February…

New ready meals from Tesco

New gluten, dairy and egg free Tesco ready meals

In case you missed the news this month (WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?) Tesco dropped a load of new gluten free ready meals – 10 to be exact – and they have been going down a storm. From Katsu curry to tikka masala, chicken hot pot and Singapore noodles, it’s a pretty good line-up. Full post and review coming up very soon…

Mr Kipling’s gluten free cakes

mr kipling gluten free cakes

More hot news on the coeliac scene, Mr Kipling also launched its brand new line of gluten free cakes into Tesco in the middle of February. The range includes Bakewell tarts, a lemon and ginger loaf cake, and a Bakewell loaf. They have been a real hit but have left many wondering – why no gluten free Battenburg or gluten free fondant fancy? Come on Mr K!

Schwartz gluten free sauce mixes

schwartz gluten free sauces

Let’s complete the line-up of ‘exciting things I have found in Tesco’ with these gluten free sauce mixes from Schwartz which appeared in the free from aisle this month. They include a gluten free mix for cheese sauce, chilli con carne, peppercorn sauce and chicken casserole.

It’s nice to see these for people who used to use the sauce mixes pre-coeliac. Though I tend to make my own from scratch, I would be interested to give these a go!

Protein Pow’s cooking workshop

I’ve written a full post about my time at the Protein Pow workshop, but in a nutshell – it was AMAZING. Regular readers probably know by now that this year I became a Protein Pow ambassador – I just love the products so much and they fit really well with the way I eat. Meeting Anna and all the other amazing people there was a brilliant experience, and I’d thoroughly recommend it to anyone interested in protein cooking.

Kabuto gluten free instant noodle pots

Kabuto gluten free instant noodles

I was sent some of the these yummy goodies from Kabuto to try this month, and damn they are good. They are rice noodle pots and the gluten free noodles are Chicken Pho and Vegetable Laksa. These are great for when I want a quick, carby snack before or after a workout. I think they’re really tasty without the strong, artificial taste I remember from pre-coeliac pot noodles.

What were your February favourites?

I’d love to know if you’ve tried any of these gluten free treats, or if you’ve found anything better this month! Comment below with your thoughts or share them on my  FacebookTwitter or Instagram pages.

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  1. I know myself and a few others were disappointed to see that Tesco’s new meals all contain meat/fish. Having said that it’s a really wonderful step forward for Coeliacs to get ready meals in the supermarket which is fantastic and I will always support that. Thanks for uploading 🙂

  2. I’m celiac and I love your suggestions. I confess that it has been very difficult to deal with this disease, but I have deal with it as difficulties. You have helped. Thank you so much