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Wow, this year really has been an explosion of gluten free Christmas treats! There have been so many new products and many returning favourites, it can be hard to know what to try first! Well, no fear my friends, I have saved you the hard work and gratefully taste-tested a LOT of food for you, to find the best new gluten free foods out there!

Here are 14 gluten free Christmas foods which you simply HAVE to try this year before they are gone! I just wish they could stay all year round – and hope they come back next year too. 

Gluten free spring rolls from Co-Op

gluten free spring rolls co-op

Pretty sure these broke the internet when they appeared in the freezers at Co-Op! They have absolutely smashed it for gluten free this year but this was one very exciting buy.

Vegetarian gluten free Christmas sandwich from M&S

gluten free brie and grape christmas sandwich m&s

The M&S gluten free Christmas sandwich is always an absolute classic but this year they released this curveball – a gluten free brie and grape sandwich. It tastes divine, I’m a bit sad it’s only here for Christmas!

Gluten free ham and cheese croquettes from Asda

asda gluten free christmas party food

These are a great new addition to the growing party food ranges in the supermarkets this Christmas. I can confirm these tasted great – plus their mozzarella sticks are the best out there!

Gluten free toasts and cheese wafers from Kent & Fraser

gluten free toasts kent and fraser

Kent & Fraser were one of the first gluten free products I ever reviewed on this blog, and I still love them all these years later! I found these in Sainsbury’s and I cannot recommend their toasts enough!

Gluten free mince pies from Mr Kipling

gluten free mince pies mr kipling

Gluten free mince pies are in abundance in supermarkets, but it was nice to see Mr Kipling launch their own this year. Found these in Tesco and they are yummy scrummy.

Spiced salted caramel cookies by Co-Op

gluten free christmas biscuits co-op

These cookies are literally the BEST thing ever! I have eaten so many packs – with salted caramel, Christmas spices and a layer of chocolate, what is not to love about them!?

Gluten free pannetone from Tesco

gluten free pannetone tesco

Well, this one caused quite a stir when it hit the shelves this year! This was the first pannetone I’ve ever tried, so I can’t speak for how it compares to a ‘normal’ one, but it did taste amazing.

Gluten free mozzarella pesto bites from Morrisons

gluten free christmas party food morrisons

Morrisons have done an amazing job making most of their chilled party food gluten free this year. These mozzarella pesto-filled bites tasted so good, and I can definitely recommend them!

Gluten free salted caramel roulades from Sainsbury’s

gluten free roulade sainsburys

I love a roulade at Christmas but how cute are these mini salted caramel ones!? These are definitely going to be one of our festive desserts, they had a great selection of different roulades in the freezer.

Gluten free mince pies and Christmas cake by Costa

gluten free vegan mince pie christmas cake costa

I think Costa Coffee’s gluten free mince pie is my favourite out there. Partly because it’s bigger than the others, but I also love the sweet crumbly pastry. A classic I’m glad has returned this year!

Gluten and dairy free profiteroles by Co-Op

gluten free dairy free profiteroles co-op

Salted caramel profiteroles – I mean, need I even say more!? They’re as good as you imagine they would be, and the fact they’re dairy free too is an added bonus for those with multiple intolerances.

Gluten free and vegan chocolate torte by Asda

gluten free vegan chocolate torte asda

It wasn’t until I picked this chocolate torte up from the Asda frozen aisle I realised it was gluten and dairy free – a bonus for those who want a festive dessert which isn’t Christmas pudding!

Gluten free chocolate and salted caramel sponge by Tesco

gluten free chocolate salted caramel pudding

This is another delicious dessert for those who don’t want a Christmas pudding. It’s very rich and tastes amazing – though I would say it serves one instead of two!

Pigs in blankets snack by M&S

marks and spencer pigs in blankets

This was one of my favourite treats last year and I’m so glad it’s back! These gluten free pigs in blankets come with an amazing dipping sauce – I can’t get enough of them!

What are your favourites?

So these are just some of the best gluten free goodies I’ve found – but which ones have you been most excited about? I’d love to know in the comments in case I’ve missed any!

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