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So, just a quick one for those of you who read this blog for updates on my thyroid surgery!

A full shot, so you can see the damage! Barely noticable!

It’s (two days short of) three months since my surgery – and all is going well!

My doctor is very pleased with how well my scar has healed and I put this completely down to bio-oil!

I have been rubbing it on strictly twice a day, morning and night (always feels a bit tight after a shower/bath so this really soothes it!) and I can’t believe how well it has healed when I look back over all the pics.

I decided to treat you lovely people to a head and shoulders shot (excuse the grumpy face – am currently suffering from man-flu!) so you can see how the scar fits in with my whole appearance.

As you can see – although the close up shots make it obvious, it’s barely noticeable now. A lot of people just think it is a necklace!

The thing I’m happiest with is the shape of my neck now.

Before, it felt like I had a massive lump there, but now, scar aside, it looks like any normal neck to me, and something I have wanted for so long!

Ok, so I may have been tensing up a little in the pic on the right, but after spending years wishing my neck looked like this, finally it does!

So, apart from my vanity, I am still waiting on other improvements 🙁

Not a lump anymore!!!

Weirdly, since my operation I have met so many people who have been through the same surgery as myself!

Everyone I’ve met has been very supportive, and willing to share their experiences with me too.

It’s nice to feel a part of something!

I’m still having t adjust my levels of thyroxine – it’s a long road ahead.

I still feel tired all the time, lacking motivation, have noticed my hair has been thinning a little and my skin is constantly dry – but these are all signs that my throid levels are still not right – and the blood tests agree.

It’s been a struggle, annoying at times and exhausting at others – but I am honestly so glad I have had this operation, and I wouldn’t go back for the world.

So here’s to the journey ahead, and fingers crossed it will all settle down soon – next update in a month or so!

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