Gluten and dairy free quinoa and sweet potato falafel with avocado dip

These gluten free quinoa and sweet potato falafels with avocado dip are a great lunch idea and are also dairy free, egg free, vegetarian and vegan.

Filling the couscous shaped hole in my gluten free life

Quinoa, free from couscous – what cuts it in a gluten free world? I went on a journey of couscous discovery – plus came up with a recipe for gluten free stuffed peppers along the way…

Curried quinoa with salmon – a quick gluten free dish

Quinoa and salmon make this dish packed full of protein and so simple to make – perfect before hitting the gym.

Gluten Free Breakfast Cereals

The gluten-free Maple Sunrise from Nature’s Path is a great-tasting cereal which brings the fun back to breakfast.

Quinoa with chicken, avo and spinach…mouthwatering!

Deliciously healthy, full of veg (got to be at least 2 of your 5-a-day, surely!?) low in salt and high in protein, this delicious meal is a great quick fix!

Quinoa with chicken, veg and feta!

If you used to love couscous, then this is the perfect alternative for you! Quinoa is rich in protein, and I use it just like I used to use couscous! It’s really good for you and so easy to make! To prepare the quinoa, rinse the grain through cold water,…