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There are some products you just naturally swerve away from in the supermarket because you think they won’t be gluten free. You don’t even bother picking them up because surely wheat flour is lurking in the ingredients, right?

Well, you might be surprised to learn some of these beauties in the ‘normal’ aisle are actually gluten free, despite not being labelled as such! Have you tried any of these before? You might be surprised by some of them!

Cookies and cream ice-cream from Tesco

tesco cookies and cream gluten free ice cream

Cookies and cream ice-cream? Gluten free? Madness, I hear you cry! I didn’t believe it myself when I saw someone post it into a Facebook group, so I went and checked it out. Despite not being labelled as gluten free, there are no gluten-containing ingredients in this Tesco Cookies and Cream ice-cream (the cookie dough is made with rice and potato flour) and no warning of cross contamination. I wouldn’t be surprised if this sells out fast!

Crispy chilli beef from Sainsbury’s

gluten free chinese sainsburys chilli beef

Again, this is another product I would normally just walk by and ignore in the supermarket. But Sainsbury’s crispy chilli beef is in fact gluten free! It’s sits in the usual-gluten-filled Chinese chilled aisle. It’s delicious and crispy and the perfect naughty treat.

Marks and Spencer tapas

gluten free M&S tapas

Tapas selection with toasts? Surely not gluten free? Well, M&S has pulled it out of the bag with this gluten free tapas selection. It contains Serrano ham, manchengo cheese, tomato chutney and crunchy gluten free toasts for the perfect summery lunch.

Tesco’s ‘takeaway’ onion bhajis

Tesco onion bhaji gluten free

It might be a natural assumption that these onion bhajis from the Tesco ‘takeaway’ counter contain gluten. Let’s face it, most supermarket bhajis do. But no, these onion bhajis are gluten free! As are most of the curries – which means you can enjoy a full Indian feast, completely gluten free. And they are pretty good as well.

Twix spread with biscuit bits

gluten free twix spread

The fact this says ‘biscuit bits’ would be enough for me to not even bother. But this Twix spread is actually gluten free! The biscuits are made with rice and potato flour, meaning this can be spread on gluten free bread – now if only they would make a gluten free Twix!

Tesco Finest fishcakes

gluten free fishcakes tesco

These sweet potato fishcakes are delicious – and made with a gluten free crumb. It’s nice to see gluten free fishcakes mixing it up with the normal ones, but be warned – only one of these Finest fishcakes is gluten free, so make sure you check the packaging before throwing them in your trolley.

Tesco vegetable bake

gluten free tesco vegetable

I’d normally assume anything with a cheesy or white sauce would not be gluten free, but this doesn’t always seem to be the case. Tesco has a few gluten free vegetable bakes, including this one with red quinoa, which I thought looked pretty tasty.

Any other gluten free finds?

I’m always scouring the supermarkets to see what’s new, but if you’ve found anything I’ve missed, give me a shout! Comment below and let me know or tag me on my Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter

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  1. This is great, only since being a celiac I have found I cannot tolerate milk, (apart from the alternatives like goat etc) so I imagine many of these would be out for me. Still I’m grateful you found them and will check them out. My top find is finest Tesco sausages the ones with 97% meat that you’d think might not be, but on the back it specifically says contains no gluten ingredients and they are lush to.

  2. I love this post, it highlights to people that they need to sometimes back away from the overly priced free from isle and search the rest of the shop…time consuming I know so set aside some extra time to do a good job of it. M&S is an excellent place to start, lots and lots gluten free in there! x

  3. Very useful as I understand Gluten Free is the most common problem; slight word of warning as I have had an allergy to cows milk protein for all my life, finally diagnosed more than 30 years ago. You can find ordinary foods that fit your allergy and then they change the recipe and you eat them thinking they are safe when they aren’t. Oddities for me have been Walkers cheese’n’onion crisps not containing milk but Walkers salt’n’vigar that do. Recipes may have changed since that discovery so check for yourself.

  4. Thanks so very much. I have IBS & my triggers are lactose & wheat (fructans). We’re going to a catered family party in a pub & I didn’t want to stand out like a sore thumb taking my own food. They normally have Indian bibs & bobs, so I can sneak the onion bhajis in…