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You may have heard me shouting (very loudly) about a brand new gluten free podcast about town – and I’ll be sharing every single episode of Oh Crumbs Podcast right here! In July, myself and fellow gluten free blogger Laura Strange (aka My Gluten Free Guide) launched a project we had been working on for MONTHS. That project was Oh Crumbs – The Gluten Free Podcast!

I first announced the news on the blog a little while ago, but now we’re a couple of episodes into Oh Crumbs, I wanted to put all the episodes somewhere you could access them if you don’t have any podcast apps. Or a half-decent smart phone. Basically… Mum – this page is for you!

oh crumbs the gluten free podcast

The brand new gluten free podcast

But jokes aside, we have some truly amazing guests and both Laura and I have been overwhelmed by the amazing responses so far. I’ll add a little bit more info about each guest as we launch each episode, as well as a podcast player so you can listen to each episode of Oh Crumbs Podcast right here. Each new episode of Season One airs on a Monday, so keep checking back each week!

And with each new episode we’ll be running a gluten free competition! So make sure you listen out for details – most of the prizes have been donated by our generous guests. We’ll also be running competitions on our Instagram and Facebook pages, so head over and give us a follow too. Any reviews or recommendations would be greatly appreciated if you like the show!

oh crumbs the gluten free podcast

Listen to Oh Crumbs – The Gluten Free Podcast

Here it is, every episode of Oh Crumbs – The Gluten Free Podcast for you to binge-listen to in your own time! I really hope you enjoy it and would love any comments of feedback you might have. Scroll beneath the player for details of the guests which I will update each week with a little insight into what you can expect. I’ll add a new bit on each week for every episode so keep checking back.


Keep scrolling on to have a little read about each of our guests and my thoughts on the episode!

Episode one: Jane Devonshire


In episode one of Oh Crumbs we were lucky enough to travel to meet Jane Devonshire at her home. We had a great chat about how her son Ben has coeliac disease, her time on MasterChef – which she won in 2016! – and how she has a ‘sin bin’ gluten room in the house!

Episode two: Sarah Howells

sarah howells oh crumbs podcast

That’s right, episode two is all about my own gluten free journey! I talked about my diagnosis with coeliac disease, living life as a gluten free student, rebelling against my diet (and why you shouldn’t!) and my thyroid issues. This was a really fun chat and I hope it’s of interest!

Episode three: Healthy Living James 


I absolutely love this episode of Oh Crumbs with James Wythe – aka Healthy Living James. He was really open about how he was bed-bound for a year, before finally receiving an M.E. diagnosis. James then found a love of food and has brought himself back to health with a gluten free, plant-based diet.

Episode four: Emma Amoscato (Free From Farm)

oh crumbs podcast laura strange emma amoscato sarah howells

Speaking to Emma Amoscato from Free From Farmhouse was super inspiring! She has so many brilliant insights into living with allergies – from her children’s diagnoses to travelling abroad. I think this interview will be helpful to so many people, whether you have allergy children yourself, or want to cater for friends. So many transferable tips for coeliac disease too!

Episode five: Bryony Hopkins

oh crumbs podcast sarah howells bryony hopkins laura strange

If you’re ever feeling like life sucks, like your condition is getting you down or you hate your body – this is the episode for you. I absolutely love Bryony Hopkins’ glowing positivity. She’s such a ray of sunshine in the blogging world! Bryony spoke about living with IBD and Crohns, surgery, ostomy bags, liquid diets, going gluten and dairy free, and how she advocates body positivity. 

Episode six: Naomi Devlin 

oh crumbs podcast sarah howells naomi devlin laura strange

Laura and I travelled to River Cottage in Devon for this episode to see foodie and gut health expert Naomi Devlin. Naomi is a great source of information and also has coeliac disease. She talked to us about all sorts from fermenting foods to farting. A great and fun chat!

Episode seven: Emma Hatcher 

oh crumbs podcast laura strange emma hatcher sarah howells

This episode is a FOMAP-friendly one! We interviewed Emma Hatcher from She Can’t Eat What – who writes all about IBS and the low FODMAP diet. Emma was so lovely and has a wealth of knowledge about the low FODMAP diet and how it has helped her own IBS, as well as being a proper foodie!

Episode eight: Howard Middleton 

oh crumbs podcast laura strange howard middleton sarah howells

If you’re a fan of The Great British Bake Off then this episode is for you! Howard Middleton baked a gluten free cake for his first ever challenge on Bake Off – and it went down a treat with the judges! He gave us a funny and revealing insight into the GBBO world, the infamous ‘custardgate’, and all about his new career teaching people to fall in love with gluten free baking.

Episode nine: David Towse

oh crumbs podcast laura strange david towse sarah howells

What does it take to be able to manufacturer a gluten free product? What is the future of the free from market? Why are gluten free products more expensive? And WHERE is the gluten free Dream Farm!? This week we put all these questions to Dorset Cereals’ head of brand David Towse – a really insightful episode into the world of free from foods!

Episode ten: Elle Next Door

oh crumbs laura strange elle next door sarah howells

This week we chatted to the lovely Ellie Adams – aka Elle Next Door. We had a fantastic chat all about her coeliac disease diagnosis as well as all her gluten free travels around the world! Elle had so many stories to tell and it was a fascinating insight into the world of fashion and travel blogging too!

Episode eleven: Laura Strange (airs October 7)

oh crumbs podcast laura strange my gluten free guide

My lovely co-host Laura (aka My Gluten Free Guide) was the interviewee for this fab episode of Oh Crumbs! Laura talked about her coeliac diagnosis and difficulties as a teenager, her struggles with getting pregnant and the arrival of wonderful Alba! She also chatted loads about travelling so I hope this will be super helpful.

Episode twelve: Tom Barton

oh crumbs podcast laura strange tom barton sarah howells

Honest Burger founder Tom Barton was our guest this week, and we visited the first restaurant in Brixton to chat to him. Now a national chain, Honest caters so well for people with coeliac disease so we talked to Tom all about eating out on a gluten free diet and how restaurants can cater for people with allergies.

Episode thirteen: Ryan Panchoo

oh crumbs podcast laura strange ryan panchoo sarah howells

We had a great chat with Ryan Panchoo, owner of Borough 22 doughnuts, all about how he started a free from doughnut business. Borough 22 has grown from something Ryan worked on in his spare time, to a fantastic business supplying the likes of Selfridges. We chatted to Ryan about how it all happened and the lessons he learned along the way.

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  1. Hey 🙂 Just wondering if you go to a restaurant and see that items are labelled GF on the menu, do you still tell them you are Coeliac before ordering? Might sound basic, but I avoid having to say ‘I’m Coeliac’ wherever I can (newly diagnosed!)

    1. Yes I definitely do! I think it’s important they know about cross contamination, so maybe ask about that as well – otherwise some places say gluten free but they don’t always take CC into account 🙂