Lemon Drizzle Cake

Lemon drizzle cake is definitely one of my favourites! Sweet yet not too sweet, with a crunchy sugary coating, this is a winner for all.

A sweet and tangy treat

This lemon drizzle cake, from Steph’s Free From Cakes, is the epitome of what makes this sort of cake so good.

Amazingly moist, this generous slice of cake is perfect for a tea break or after-lunch snack.

The lemony infusion is strong and succulent, luring you in to eat more!

Not too sweet yet not too tangy, the balance of sweet and sour is just perfectly embodied in this cake.

But definitely the best bit about this type of cake is the sugary crunch on top!

Generously coated, the sweet drizzle adds a classic sense of enjoyment to this cake.

Once again, not a bad thing to say about Steph’s cakes! I really can’t reccommend them enough!


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