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Since I first started writing about my thyroidectomy, I have received a phenomenal amount of response from people about it!

So if you have stumbled across this blog with the sole interest of reading about thyroid removal, then to make it things a bit easier you can click here for the whole story!

It’s now been a month since my last post, and nearly two months since my operation!

My scar has faded considerably now, and the bio-oil usage is still going strong!

I have been applying it day and night as I have found my scar is still feeling a bit tight and this really soothes it.

After the operation, I noticed the majority of my neck was numb, but now I have a lot of the feeling back. However, the area immediately above my scar still remains completely numb to the touch!

I have hardly any pain now – sometimes in the evenings if I have been turning my head a lot then it tends to be a little painful, but nothing paracetamol won’t soothe!

My scar nearly 2 months on, taken today!

After the op, for a while I felt like someone was pushing on my neck whenever I lay down or got out of breath – like a horrible pressure feeling.

I have found this has eased now, but occassionally I still get it.

All in all, I am feeling so much better after my surgery!

My consultant has given me the all clear, and hopefully my thyroxin intake has finally been adjusted to the right amount!

I’ve been really pleased with the responses I’ve had from people from these posts, and I hope if you yourself have just had or are having thyroid surgery that this will put you at ease a bit.

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  1. your incredibly strong sarah. your strength is admirable. keep that positive attitude and send me some of it lol. but really im glad your doing better xxx

  2. Your scar looks great! I’m definitely going to plan on getting some bio oil for mine. I can’t even begin to tell you how much this blog has helped me to feel better about my upcoming surgery. Everything I’ve read so far has been complete and total HORROR stories about no energy, weight gain (which I must admit is the most frightening, I’ve lost about 50 pounds and really do NOT want to put it back on). I was diagnosed with Celiac when I was nine, so, about 9 years ago! Obviously I’m able to overcome that and your blog has inspired me to believe I can overcome a thyroidectomy, as well. Thank you thank you!

  3. Thankyou Cait 🙂 That is probably the lovliest comment I have ever had! The reason I decided to share my story was because before my operation I was terrified and, like you, could only find the horror stories. Yes, operations are never going to be the most pleasant experience in the world (although – call me wierd- but I actually kind of enjoy being put under anaesthetic, especially when you’re anaesthetist is hot!!) but after a few months you will forget those few days of feeling crappy. It took a good few months for the swelling to go down enough for me to notice the different shape in my neck – before I had a goiter and it all looked a bit puffy, but once the scar began to heal my neck started to look feminine and normal! Bio oil is a godsend – and I definitely swear it has helped mt scar heal. Unfortunately these autoimmune conditions do tend to all link to each other – it is nice to finally meet someone who has suffered coeliac disease and thyroid problems – I was beginning to feel like the only one! I’m so glad this has helped you, and hope it can help many others too 🙂

  4. I go to have my thyroid removed tomorrow and seeing the pics of the incisions, really unnerves me….I do not know what to really expect bc I see incisions that are much larger than my doctor explained to me….I pray all goes well..

    1. Hi Shamica, I am sorry that these pictures have worried you, that was not my intention at all! I merely wanted to try to provide an honest account of my thyroid surgery. If it helps, I have never met anyone with a scar as big as mine – I was told mine would be quite large and I know most people’s are a lot smaller than mine! Good luck with your surgery, I hope all goes well and please do not worry 🙂

      1. All did go well Sarah and you were right, the incision isn’t as bad as I thought it would but, but more than that…I feel great and am on my meds and am ready to move on to a new chapter in my life! I have had some struggles with weight gain and getting on the right mcg dose but all is well. Thank you for your assurance.

  5. Hello,I had a total thyroidectomy done 4 days ago and I am 14 weeks pregnant.naturally I’ve been obtaining all the info I can regarding my situation in no longer having thyroids to balance out my hormones during pregnancy.any enlightment will be very much appreciated.

  6. I am having to choose between thyroid operation or RAI therapy. Still very much confused to which option is best for me. I am sure it’s not possible to get rid of scar fully 🙁 that what scares me a lot.

    1. Hi Hypergirl – as much as I would love to help you unfortunately only you can make that decision. I can only tell you the reasoning behind my personal decision. For one – I didn’t like the idea of taking a radioactive drink, and although the risks are minimal I was worried about anything that could effect my fertility as I have coeliac disease which could already pose my problems, and as I am only 22 it is something I didn’t want to risk. I also didn’t really think about the scarring side of things – it wasn’t something I ever paid much thought to until afterwards. For me I believe the operation was the right choice – the scar will never vanish but I have seen many people’s scars who are barely visible – my aunt had a thyroidectomy and her scar is about 1/4 of the size of mine and you can barely see it without squinting. My scar is rather large – I have never met anyone with a scar as big as mine, if that helps! Whatever you decide, don’t rush your decision because it is something you have to live with. Perhaps making a list of pros and cons or talking through your worried with a specialist or doctor may help you come to a decision? Good luck, and if you have any more questions about surgey I am happy for you to email me on [email protected]