My gluten free guide to Barnstaple, North Devon

My guide to gluten free Barnstaple is something I have been meaning to put together for a LONG time. I have lived in North Devon my whole life (bar three years at uni) and it is such a great place to eat out if you have coeliac disease. There are…

Gluten free at The Lemon Next To The Pie, Barnstaple

I’m really lucky living in North Devon, because there are so many fantastic places that offer gluten free food. I can always find somewhere gluten free in Barnstaple, and although there are a few cafes and restaurants I always go to, it’s even better when I find somewhere new.  Lauren…

Gluten free at The Bull & Bear in Barnstaple, North Devon

Imagine walking into a restaurant where you could order a burger with a side of mozzarella dippers, sweet potato fries, bread-crumbed jalapeños or even a chocolate brownie ice-cream sundae, and know it was all going to be gluten free. Well, at The Bull and Bear in Barnstaple, gluten free is…

Review: Gluten free at 62 The Bank, Barnstaple

Beautiful food cooked to perfection, with the added surprise of gluten free bread! 62 The Bank in Barnstaple scored top marks from me for gluten free.

Gluten free chicken wrap from Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee has finally caught up and launched a gluten free wrap as part of the Gluten Free Guarantee week – great news for coeliacs and about time too! Have you tried it?

Heavenly gluten free tapas at Lilicos, Barnstaple

The delight of tapas for me is in sharing. I don’t like being just confined to one option, so tapas is ideal because it means I can pick and choose between a variety of different dishes. Sometimes tapas can be a logistical nightmare for gluten free-ers, trying to navigate which…

Gluten free delights at Boston Tea Party in Barnstaple

Everyone has a favourite hang out for the weekend, and mine is Boston Tea Party. With gluten free cakes, breakfast and lunch options, what more could a coeliac want? Plus they make a mean latte….

A weekend filled with gluten free bread!

I don’t tend to eat much gluten free bread, but when I do, I go big or go home! Here’s how I enjoyed a weekend of gluten free breaded indulgence with lunch on the go, stuffed ‘subs’ and hot garlic bread…

A taste of sunshine from Monty’s Caribbean Kitchen, Barnstaple

A suprise discovery of a pop-up Caribbean Kitchen led to a sunshine-filled, gluten free meal and big smiles all round.

Gluten free sandwiches at Henry’s, Barnstaple

Stuck for a gluten free sandwich in North Devon? Try Henry’s cafe!

Gluten free Chinese take away at Han Court, Fremington

Often being coeliac means Chinese food is off the menu, but Han Court in Fremington, North Devon, has mastered the art of the gluten free Chinese take away…

Chinese at the Fullam, Barnstaple

When my friend Lauren announced her birthday meal was going to be at a Chinese restaurant, I was filled with dread and thought I wouldn’t be able to go. But thanks to her ringing them up and asking about my dietary requirements, I was in for a suprise! The Fullam…