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When I landed back at Gatwick after two weeks of sunshine in Cuba, it was a bit of a shock to be greeted with a dark, wintery morning and 8 degree temperatures. It seemed as if winter had materialised in the fortnight I had been away, so it was time to light the fire, pull the onesie out of the wardrobe and invest in some decent soup.

I’ve raved about Amy’s Kitchen’s gluten free rice mac and cheese before – it’s possibly the best ready meal I have ever had! – so I was excited to try a tin of their lentil soup. I’ve had a go at making lentil soup before and find it quite filling, so I hoped this would be a good option for lunch.


My tin arrived in a package from Glutenexmpt – which I’ll explain more about in a post soon – and as I had seen it on the supermarket shelves before I thought this would be a good chance to see if I liked it. I packed the soup in my bag for work, along with some cold chicken to munch on as a snack! It was a great option for work, I just opened it up, popped it in the microwave in a bowl and it was ready!

I’m pleased to report, this was delicious! It looked like a hearty soup, and it was full of flavour. It contains two of your five a day and is low on sugar as well which is good – plenty of fibre, which is great for people with dietary problems to keep a healthy gut! I enjoyed every mouthful of this and I’ll definitely buy it again.

IMG_1329I may have had to eat lunch at my desk on the go, but it was worth it. This would also be great to stick in a thermos flask if I was stuck out on jobs all day – I could just shove it in my handbag and run!

Overall I would give this a huge thumbs up – and it’s nice to be able to eat soup out of a tin – a luxury I haven’t had for quite a while as hardly any tinned soups seem to be gluten free!

To find out more about Amy’s KItchen and their products click here.

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  1. I have considered trying these soups. From your post I am making sure I buy this now and give it ago. Thank you for posting a review ..

    1. It’s brilliant and I’ll definitely be buying it again. Their mac and cheese is my ultimate favourite still!