Which bread for what?

So the main staple food us Coeliacs miss is bread – but with so many options on the market and so many ways to use them, which bread is best for which meal? I decided to find out….

Toast and Marmite – the perfect comfort food

Best for… Hot, buttery toast

Juvela’s fresh baked bread may not quite be soft enough to eat straight out of the bag, but the slices make perfect toast!

It may sound wierd, but the one thing I love about the toast this makes, is that it has proper crusts. They taste and feel exactly like i remember “proper” toast crusts being, and this is a definite thumbs up.

Crunchy on the outside yet soft in the middle, this bread definitely makes the best toast I’ve found yet.

Perfect for… Sandwiches

There’s no denying it, Genius Gluten Free Bread has certainly caused a stir in the world of Coeliacs. Moist, soft and as close to “real” bread as I’ve ever found, this is top of the lot.

The best thing about this bread, particularly the multi-seed loaf, is that you can eat it out of the bag. That’s right – slap a sandwich together without worrying about baking or toasting it first. It really is deliciously edible for a sandwich, and makes the best gluten free sandwich around.

Easy, quick, and oh-so-good!

Perfect for... Garlic Bread

Buttery, garlicy and soft – all you would want from garlic bread!  This product comes in a pizza-style shape, just like I (enviously) watch all my friends eating at the takeaway!

Easily baked from frozen in the oven, enjoy the deliciously soft bread drizzled in tasty garlic butter.

This is really yummy, perfect for comfort food and not at all skimpy on the amount of butter. Definitely a must for any meal!

It may look broken, but it’s great for breadcrumbs!

Best for… Breadcrumbs

So nobody seems to be a massive fan of crumbly, dry supermarket bread.

But one thing it is definitely useful for, is making breadcrumbs!

Easy to whizz in the blender and perfectly crumbly, these slices will make some wonderful breaded brie, or anything you can put your mind to!

Are there any breads that you think are perfect for certain purposes? If so – let me know!


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  1. Sue
    March 18, 2010 / 22:17

    Juvela Fresh is soft enough to make sandwiches with. The Fibre loaf keeps fresh and soft for days. I prefer this to Genius, too much fat in Genius as it has a funny taste.

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