When life gives you macaroons….

When life gives you macaroons….

When I was told I was going to be sent some samples of Mrs Crimble’s goodies, I hadn’t expected this….


I was told this is part of a new campaign by the brand to ‘Share the Love’, and I have to say, I certainly was feeling the love BIG TIME when this turned up on my doorstep!

I’ve just about, a couple of weeks on, managed to plough my way through most of the goodies, so here’s what I though!

(Apologies for lack of photos – camera has run out of battery and I seem to have misplaced my charger so just a few crappy phone snaps)

Jam coconut rings

These treats made me think of children’s tea parties!

The coconut rings are sweet (but not too sweet) and the jelly-like jam in the middle gives you a little something to look forward to!

I like to nibble mine all round the edge then eat the jam bit last….how about you!?

Chocolate Macaroons

These were some of the first gluten free products I ever remember trying. Back as a kid, it was a revelation to find these goodies (bottom right of the pic above).

These are super sweet coconut macaroons, coated in chocolate – the perfect indulgent treat if you have a sweet tooth!

Cranberry macaroons

My favourite of all! (Right)

I could have demolished these in 10 seconds flat!!

They weren’t as overpoweringly sweet as the other macaroons, and were just sooo delicious!

I really, really loved these beauties!

Mini chocolate orange macaroons

Like the above, only smaller and orange-y! Personally am not a massive fan of orange-flavoured stuff, but these certainly went down a treat with my family and were gone in a matter of minutes!

If you’d like to nominate someone to receive a box of goodies, you can share the love by nominating them here.



  1. July 24, 2012 / 13:27

    I LOVE Mrs Crimbles products! Did the jam rings have edible paper on the bottom – I love that, such a nice touch. HOW did you manage to balg all this free stuff by the way!?

    • Sarah Howells (GF Blogger)
      July 24, 2012 / 13:29

      Yes they did! Mmmm they were yummy. They actually contacted me through my blog! Stroke of luck I think, you’ll have to persuade lots of people to nominate you for a box in their Share the Love campaign 😉 x

  2. hanzattitude
    July 24, 2012 / 20:24

    These look delicious..not a fan of coconut myself (unless its in a pinacolada hehe) but they look yummy. Pleased you got some goodies xx

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