What will be on my gluten free table this Christmas

What will be on my gluten free table this Christmas

The decorations are officially on the tree and I’m slowly planning everything I’m going to eat this Christmas Day! All the family are getting together and we’re having beef and turkey, so these are the gluten free treats I’m planning to have along with them…

Gluten free pigs in blankets


These Tesco Finest cocktail sausages wrapped in bacon are always a favourite of mine – I’ve been having them for about the last three years in a row. Always tasty and everyone enjoys them – I’ll even be buying some for a friend’s Christmas Eve Eve party too! Double the fun!

Gluten free stuffing


Again, another Tesco product! I was spoilt for choice but thought this Tesco Finest roasted chestnut and onion pork stuffing just sounded amazing! You can see what else they’re offering in my previous blog post here.

Gluten free Christmas pudding


I’ve been saving this Waitrose cider and rum gluten free Christmas pudding especially for Christmas Day! It sounds delicious and very boozy, so I am looking forward to seeing what it’s like!

Bailey’s pouring cream


Every year I try and buy this but I always leave it too late and sells it out! I’m planning on having this in coffee, and then also a sneaky bit on some mince pies or my Christmas pud! Bailey’s say all the ingredients they use are gluten free and I’ve never had a problem with their stuff. I’m hooked!

Gluten free ginger beer


Crabbies is an essential in our house at Christmas time – I just love it. It’s so warming and spicy, and the fact it’s labelled gluten free just makes it perfect. My mouth is watering just thinking of it now!

Gluten free turkey sausages


Christmas breakfast is all about the fry up – and as it’s a day of turkey, why not kick-start the theme with breakfast? I love these turkey sausages from Sainsbury’s as they’re super tasty, low carb and high protein – but I’m not too bothered about the healthy stats as they will be piled next to bacon, eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes and hash browns!

Ginger macaroons


You know that lull after an epic Christmas breakfast while you’re waiting for lunch? These limited edition macaroons from Mrs Crimbles are just the ticket. Coconut macaroons with chocolate and a hint of stem ginger, they are so tasty and have a little festive twist. Just try and share them!

Costa Christmas crumbles


I am actually OBSESSED with these!! A gluten free biscuit base, with mincemeat and crumble – they are soooo good. I am going to have one of Costa Coffee Christmas crumbles on Christmas Eve and buy some sneaky spare ones to indulge in on Christmas Day while I watch trashy television. Possibly topped with Bailey’s cream…..

Medjool dates


This is another obsession of mine and I have asked Santa very nicely if he might bring me some in my stocking! However, when I found these my eyes nearly popped out!! Medjool dates stuffed with all sorts of amazing things! If heaven was an object…. this would be it.

Gluten free crackers

IDShot_540x540 (1)

I love a good cheeseboard and these crackers are my favourite by far, though I know coeliacs have a problem even with gluten free oats. Nairn’s cheese oatcakes are also great for parties because they are individually wrapped, so you can put them out and ensure no mix ups or contamination.

What will you be having on your dinner table this Christmas? Comment below if you think there are any products I should definitely be trying!



  1. December 20, 2015 / 22:29

    I have ordered some pigs in blankets and stuffing. This is to go with pork belly and cider.

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