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So the reason I wasn’t blogging much this weekend was that I was away on a family meet-up for my Aunt and Uncle’s Ruby Wedding Anniversary! I did write the post all out last night but then I somehow deleted it all (oops!) so let’s start again 😛

They had hired out the hall at Crosfields School in Reading, and we had a sit down meal and boogie, catered for by my Aunt’s friends: the dinner ladies!

When I found out the set menu was Steak Pie, I began to worry. I had been looking forward to this meal so much, and pie is my real weakness. So you can imagine how my face fell when i found out that pastry was on the menu…

My Aunt assured me that my diet would be catered for, and I had visions of watching everyone tuck into a gorgeous meal whilst I ended up with salad (the usual gluten-free scenario!)

But when a generous portion of gluten-free steak pie was placed in front of me, complete with a jug of my own gravy, I was so happy I could have cried!

Happiness on a plate

Normally gluten-free products and portions seem to be tiny, but my plate was as full as everyone elses!

The  meat was tender, the gravy was so flavoursome and the pastry was just amazing! There is something about gluten-free pastry I love – it’s crunchy and ever-so-slightly chewy but it’s just amazing!

I found out later that one of the women has a Coeliac relative, but I just felt so happy that they had gone to the effort to make me the same as everyone else.

I can honestly say, I think this is the best that I have ever been catered for yet with my diet, and I want to say a big thank-you to these lovely ladies for making me such a delicious pie!

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  1. I once made a GF sponge flan case for a friend whose guests included a fellow-coeliac; she too was delighted! It’s good to be able do these things, isn’t it!!

  2. It’s so great when that happens! So often people expect you to miss out, just because you have a special diet. Major praise to people who make an effort.