This Snack is Crackers!

Oh dear, remind me not to try a pun title again….

Crackers and

Today I found some Tru-Free High Fibre Crackers in my cupboard, and decided to make a yummy snack of them with cherry tomatoes and cream cheese.

The crackers really bore a strong resemblance to how I remember non-gluten free crackers tasting! My boyfriend is crazy about Rivitas, and although these aren’t exactly the same, they are a pretty good alternative.

They’re really high in fibre, which is good considering as Coeliac’s this is harder to get hold of! Fibre is important to maintain a healty digestive system, so these crackers are a Coeliac’s best friend!

Plus with 3 crackers topped with 6 cherry tomatoes, I even got my five a day! Definitely would recommend these for a crunchy snack!


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