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I don’t know about anyone else, but since becoming a Coeliac it has become a routine to scan the ingredients list of any product I come across.

Even if I know I can or can’t eat it anyway – it’s like this overwhelming curiosity that I just want to know – no, just NEED to know – what goes into my food.

I definitely feel that becoming a Coeliac has improved my awareness of food.

I feel like I eat a much healthier diet away from all the processed, e-numbered, artificial food packed full of wheat flour to bulk it up.

So I thought I’d share with you a few little amusing facts I’ve discovered over the last few weeks whilst scouring labels.

I don’t know if you will find them as amusing as I did, but when I think about people eating these foods and not having a clue what goes into their mouths, well, it does give me a mean little sense of self satisfaction…

Here’s my top five!

  1. Hot dogs made from “mechanically recovered pork and chicken”. MECHANICALLY RECOVERED? Sounds like some over-galvanised hoover sucking the bits of the factory floor and mashing them together with good old wheat flour for bulk. I actually watched a TV programme recently (the name has lost me!) where a guy was trying to create mechanically recovered meat from smashing a chicken carcass between a spinning tyre and cheese-grater-type-object…do you miss those sizzling hot dogs anymore!? Gruesome….
  2. my hideously-bad annotations to try and illustrate the potato flakes in this pesto!

    Asda Basics Pesto – one of the main ingredients…….POTATO FLAKES!? Never have I EVER seen a pesto recipe with the addition of the good old English potato. That’ll teach me to buy cheap food, you definitely get what you pay for!

  3. A can of Dr Pepper contains 38 PER CENT of your daily sugar intake! No wonder my housemate had a migraine after drinking three cans (She’s gonna kill me when she sees this, this link is for you Linzi – I think you had a sugar crash dear!)
  4. I can kind of understand why they do this but it still amuses me! Bottle of milk’s allergy advice box reads: Contains Milk…….really!?
  5. Rowntree’s Randoms contain nettle extract….in fruit flavour sweets!?

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