The Kindness of Strangers

The Kindness of Strangers

Since we started selling gluten free products at work, I find it fascinating to talk to other coeliac-disease sufferers and hear about how they deal with gluten free living.

But sometimes what amazes me most is the kindness of strangers.

Today I met a woman from Australia, who after travelling around the UK for several weeks was excited to find gluten free products outside of the supermarket.

We were chatting for a while about the various trials and tribulations of living in a gluten free world, and then she purchased some gluten free goodies and left with a smile.

But a couple of minutes later, she popped back in to give me some gluten free treats that she buys in Australia!

I was so taken back by such a kind gesture.

Whenever I talk to people with coeliac disease they always seem to friendly and willing to share their advice and experience.

But this was such a lovely thing to do, and to my Australian friend, if you are reading this, then thankyou so much for the gift, and I wish you luck finding more yummy gluten free treats on your travels!

Australian gluten free treats!

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