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Okay I say month, but ‘past few months’ seemed a little lengthy for the blog title!

I’ve tried a few different gluten free breads since I got back from my hols in May, and thought it might be better if I round them up here rather than bore you with loads of different posts!

So here’d the good, the bad, and the down-right ugly truth….

Yes! You Can gluten free brown loaf of bread

My Dad’s coeliac friends told him about this bread, so he very kindly brought me some home one evening!

I find a lot of gluten free bread, to be honest, is quite samey, and this was very similar to Genius in it’s taste.

The bread was a little on the dry side if I’m honest, though I often find gluten free bread breaks so easily and often looks like it has been thrown around in transport, so maybe that had something to do with this loaf being particularly fragile.

It was tasty though, and made a good sandwich and even better toast – so I’d definitely reccommend a try.

I think Dad picked this up in Tesco – not sure how long it has been around but certainly not one I have seen on the shelves before.

Warburtons gluten and wheat free brown rolls

Now these I have bought a fair few of in the last few weeks!

I LOVE the grainy bit on top – it gives it a really nice texture and the bread is really soft and tasty.

They also look like mini-subs, it’s nice to see gluten free bread rolls that actually LOOK normal, so these get a big thumbs up from me!

The only downside is you have to eat them pretty quick – I found they didn’t taste so fresh after being open for a day or two, but nothing a quick zap in the microwave couldn’t sort!

Genius seeded rolls

Here’s another roll with a great texture.

Genius have done well here to try and create something a little different to your bulk standard gluten free roll.

I found these really tasty, with a bit of a crunch and a soft inside.

Although these are ‘fresh’ rolls and can be eaten straight from the pack, I think I preferred them heated in the oven for five minutes first with over-ripe brie….mmmmmmm……

..and the ugly – WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN?

There is NOTHING more disappointing than opening gluten free bread and finding THIS.

I don’t know if gluten free bread is particularly more prone to ‘bubbling’ or whether I am just hideously unlucky, but it’s like opening your stocking at Christmas and finding it full of coal.

This particular batch happened to be a Genius lot – but I’ve had it with pretty much every gluten free brand to date.

In fact, one of my first blog posts was ranting about the state of crappy gluten free loaves.

It’s not big, it’s not clever, and it makes sh*t sandwiches – PLEASE SOMEBODY MAKE IT STOP!

I have to say though, at least this loaf was reduced, so I will let them off…..just this once.

What’s your favourite gluten free bread? Do you often find holes in your loaf? Share your experiences and tips below!

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  1. I tried Waitrose’s own brown bread a couple of years ago, it was amazing! Moist enough to not be crumbly, tasty and made excellent sandwiches and toast. As above, Sainsbury’s own white rolls are above average quality…lovely with bacon and egg!

  2. I recently discovered the Sainsburys Free From soft white rolls and they’re amazing. Actually like a real roll!

    1. Hi I think that at first the Sainsbury ones are great but after you’ve eaten 2 you feel as you’ve eaten a piece of blotting paper the dryness gets you later

    2. I thought that the rolls were good after the first two but then it was like eating blotting paper, they were so dry
      The best rolls ever are Juvela fresh on prescription and I think the best bread is Glutafin fresh brown bread also on prescription, the Juvela fresh granery is also good but the granery rolls are not a patch on them and should be steered clear of as unless you toast them the bin is the best direction to put them

  3. I have had Genius bread with holes in it, too! Genius did ask me to send them a phot but i didnt bother, am sure they would have refunded My current favourite bread is Sainsburys soft white sliced loaf. I really like that for sandwiches. I also like the baguettes that you bake in the oven. The Genius fruit loaf is delicious! I have bought some warburtons rolls but havent tried them yet, had to put them in the freezer.

  4. I’ve stopped buying Genius bread, three loaves in a row that were full of holes! Just felt like a rip off at £2.90 each. I really like the Yes You Can bread, plus it’s one of the lowest in calories and fat on the market.

  5. My word! I’ve seen holes in bread before but never ones quite that large! I think you need some bread with your hole! I like the waitrose hot cross buns, not strictly a loaf, but still in the bread category 🙂

  6. I have to say, I was pretty shocked when I opened the packet and saw my bread was trying to imitate a doughnut….and sad to hear lots of over people are having the same holey problem! Thanks for the reccommendations on other breads – I wish I had a Waitrose near me so I could try theirs!! x

  7. The best tasting gf bread I’ve eaten is Fria Gluten Free. Not easy to get hold of in the UK at present, but I hope supermarkets will have them soon. No holes, no crumbly bits, just really amazing taste. And low in fat and full of fibre too 🙂