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Waitrose's amazing Free From collection for 2015.
Waitrose’s amazing Free From collection for 2015.

Waitrose has got a seriously impressive range of gluten free goodies this year, and I was lucky enough to be sent some goodies to sample ahead of the festive season. Unfortunately, they sent them when I was in my final week of my photoshoot prep, and then I was off on holiday, so this post has been a little late coming!

The best gluten free mince pies this year

12310462_10153801040162813_4143780407476136930_nLet’s start by making something clear. I think Waitrose’s mince pies – which are gluten free and dairy free – could be the best gluten free mince pies of the year! They are delicious!

Sadly my nearest Waitrose is over an hour away (I am going next weekend to stock up on ingredients for some yummy gluten free recipes, so stay tuned!) so I haven’t had a chance to try these before. How did I ever survive without them!?

The pastry is delicious and buttery, the filling was rich and fruity and there was a crunchy sparkle of sugar on top. It was some of the best gluten free pastry I have tried, it just melted in my mouth, delicious!

I can imagine these would be amazing warmed up with some cream, but as they were so yummy, I’m not ashamed to say the pack did not last that long! Definitely worth a buy if you get a chance – and here’s some other gluten free mince pies I tested last year too, for comparison!

Gluten and dairy free Christmas cake

12359835_10153800785052813_7483619140069814520_nWaitrose also sent me a variety of different Christmas cake products, which are gluten free and ‘made without milk’. There gluten free Christmas bites in a pack of 9 (random number!?), a small gluten free Christmas cake and four gluten free Christmas cake slices.

Unless I have missed something here, these are all essentially the same product, but in different formats. A rich, spicy cake with a layer of crisp, white icing on top.

The cake bites were my favourite – personally, this is just the perfect size for me! I often find a slab of cake is a bit much so these were nice to just have a taste. They would be great for parties too and I don’t think any ‘normal’ guests would know they were Free From. Steve and I enjoyed ours right after our photoshoot – perfect for getting into the festive spirit!

The fruit cake itself was really moist and tasty. I never, ever used to be a fan of fruit cake but for some reason, I suddenly just fell in love with it. The icing is not too sweet and is finished off perfectly on the mini cake – it would make a fantastic gift for a coeliac!

Gluten free cider & rum Christmas pudding


Finally, there was the cider & rum Christmas pudding. This is a hefty size and would be enough for the whole family. I love the idea of cider and rum in one pudding (boozy much!?) and am saving this one for Christmas day!

Again, I never used to be a huge fan of Christmas pudding, but I tried one last year and was impressed, so I am looking forward to testing what Waitrose has to offer!

Overall I was impressed with the quality of all of Waitrose’ free from goods, and I can’t wait to try the pudding. I’m also excited to head to the Exeter store at the weekend and see what I can hunt down for the Christmas dinner table!

You can read more about what some of the other supermarkets have to offer the gluten free market for Christmas this year in a blog post I wrote here.

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  1. All good treats! But what I long for is Italian pan doro, or panne tone, either of which make deluscious breakfast toast and b&b pudding when a bit stale. I know I saw an ad for gf once upon a time but can’t find it now. Can you help, you seem to have loads of contacts!