Thankyou Genius Gluten Free!

Just a small note as I sit and sip a Gaymers (mmm, Cider!)

I have long been subscribed to the e-newsletter of Genius (the best gluten free bread company in existance – review here!!) and when I got it today, I noticed that there was a small section about gluten free blogs and websites that Genius reccommends.

I couldn’t figure out why my blog stats had gone through the roof today, and when I had a cheeky look at their bookmarks, I discovered that mine was in there, on the top of the list!

So I just wanted to say a massive thankyou to Genius, for not only producing the best gluten free bread I have ever tasted, but also for giving me a little shout out and helping me spread the gluten free message!

Thanks to everyone who has been following my blog, and I will get some more recipes and reviews up here pronto!!


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