Eating Out: Gluten free at The Gate vegetarian restaurant, London

As a self-confessed meat lover, I visited The Gate restaurant in Hammersmith for my first ever vegetarian experience to try out their gluten free options…

A gluten free guide to healthy options in London

There are plenty of choices to eat out gluten free in London – here’s my choice from gluten free bakeries to raw food cafes!

Super quick tangy avocado salsa

Tangy and creamy, this avocado salsa is the perfect accompaniment to any salad. It’s full of super healthy ingredients such as lemon and apple cider vinegar, and is guaranteed to leave you feeling refreshed.

Gluten free London – a country bumpkin’s guide!

A jam-packed foodie adventure filled with gluten free goodies including burgers, cupcakes, peanut creme pies, protein pots, cheesecakes, onion rings and wraps- all gluten free! Here’s my epic guide to London for coeliacs…

Gluten free and vegan flatbreads from the Venice Bakery

A great idea for lunch and delicious when eaten warm – double thumbs up for the Venice Bakery from me!

Raw chocolate nut pies – a gluten free, dairy free, sugar free chocolate fix without the guilt

For a gluten free, dairy free, sugar free treat which is also suitable for vegans and vegetarians, you can’t go wrong with a raw chocolate nut pie!

GF Bakery comes to Walt Disney World!

Wow – there seems to be a bit of an American theme going on today, so here’s another bit of GF news to add to the theme! A friend of mine sent me a link today to this Walt Disney World podcast from the 14th November – all about a…