My fitness, coeliac and thyroid journey: what’s next?

Last year I achieved my goal of a body transformation photo shoot – but what will I do next? Feeling a bit reflective this Sunday evening…

A long overdue thyroid update – the rollercoaster continues…

An update on the roller coaster journey that has been my thyroidectomy!

GUEST POST: Thyroid surgery from across the pond!

Caitlyn first contacted me before her thyroidectomy surgery, and I found her story inspiring. Here she talks about her experiences of thyroid surgery in the US, after suffering with Hashimoto’s and nodules on her thryoid gland.

Thyroid Surgery – One Year On

I wanted to do a post to mark a year since my operation, for those of you reading ahead and worrying before you undergo surgery of your own.

Nine months after thryoidectomy

An update on the progress of my thryroidectomy scar – was the operation worth it?