10+ gluten free beers you HAVE to try

Up until last year, I never knew I liked gluten free beers. Now, my world is complete. Because now, on International Beer Day (August 2) I can think of nothing better than lighting up the barbecue and sitting in the sunshine with an ice-cold gluten free beer – or should…

Costa Coffee is launching gluten free and vegan mince pies TODAY and they’re amazing

Today is the day that many people have been waiting for – the Costa Coffee Christmas drinks for 2017 are out, and it’s good news for coeliacs, because they’ve also included a gluten free mince pie to the range! I’m currently working on a round-up of the best gluten free mince…

Gluten free sausage rolls – perfect for picnics or lunchboxes

Hands up all the coeliacs in the house who would love to eat gluten free sausage rolls? Well, my gluten free friends, I’ve made the perfect gluten free sausage rolls and this recipe is SO simple and easy to make. Want to get straight to it? Skip to the recipe.…

Gluten free tuna pasta bake with Thornleys Natural Foods

Gluten free tuna pasta bake always reminds me of my childhood – I remember my mum cooking it all the time and it was always topped with crisped-up, melted cheddar cheese, slices of fresh tomato and crunchy crisps. Nostalgic recipes are the best for dark and dreary days, so when…

New Genius gluten free breakfast bakes review

Genius Foods is launching a new product: gluten free breakfast bakes. I put them to the test – with a little help from Steve – see our honest review of these new gluten free treats here.

Boom Kitchen chicken tikka masala kit review

The Boom Kitchen curry kits make the most amazing gluten free curries, and I love supporting North Devon suppliers! Find out how to make their Tarka Masala and order their kits here.

Decorating gluten, dairy, nut and egg free Christmas mug cookies!

If there’s one thing that takes me back to Christmas as a child, it’s getting messy and decorating Christmas cookies and biscuits! Being gluten free or (allegedly) a grown up has not killed my love of this, and so that is what I set out to do! If you gave…

Taste testing new gluten free pizzas by Dr Oetker Ristorante

Dr Oetker is the latest mainstream brand to launch a new range of gluten free pizzas, but how do they taste? I tested out the Dr Oetker gluten free pizzas and found out.

My review of the new Protein Pow whey and vegan protein powders

My review of the brand new Protein Pow protein powders – both whey and vegan – after making gluten free protein cookies and protein cheesecake!

Cooking with Nowt Poncy gluten free curry and tomato sauces

These Nowt Poncy sauces really are what they say on the tin – gluten free, organic where possible and sourced from small local businesses. Here’s what i thought of their gluten free sauce range.

October favourites: Gluten free pasta, cereal and pumpkin everything

Gluten free fish and chips, experimenting with pumpkin, tucking into colourful cereals and some delicious new free from bread – here’s what I’ve been up to this month!

McCain launches new gluten free chips – how do you eat yours?

McCain has launched a brand new, gluten free battered chip, and to celebrate you could win a £50 supermarket voucher to try some! Find out how to enter here…

Gluten free mini pizzas with new recipe Newburn Bakehouse sandwich thins

These gluten and dairy free sandwich thins from Newburn Bakehouse have a new and improve recipe – and are perfect for making mini pizzas.

Review: Gluten free mighty mini loaves from Newburn Bakehouse

Ever find your gluten free bread goes mouldy because you can’t eat it fast enough? Newburn Bakehouse has come up with the perfect answer – meet the Mighty Mini Loaf!

Review: Gluten free goodies from Rule of Crumb

From crisp gluten free goujons to delicious gluten free part-baked baguettes, Rule of Crumb may have been rejected on Dragon’s Den, but I am definitely in…

Gluten free blueberry cheesecake and dark chocolate and cherry tart from No G

Gluten free pies, tarts and cheesecakes that will redefine the standard of Free From foods – No G really is too good to be gluten free!

Miss Macaroons: gluten free, delicious treats with a heart

Delightful little gluten free sugary treats with a lovely ethical background!

Gluten free scotch eggs from Marks and Spencer

Perfect for parties and picnics – I very much enjoyed these new scotch eggs from the Marks and Spencer Made Without Wheat range.

My pre-‘gluten free guarantee’ rant at Tesco

Kicking off the gluten free guarantee week by finding out my local Tesco store has discontinued my favourite gluten free pizza – and replaced it with their own, sub-standard version…

Gluten free brunch: delightful pains au chocolat

Flaky pastry, buttery taste and plenty of oozing, warm dark chocolate in these gluten free pains au chocolat get a double thumbs up from me.

Becoming addicted to Genius spicy gluten free fruit loaf

A new product from Genius gluten free. I didn’t think I would be too keen – I ended up addicted…

Making gluten free cupcakes with Helen’s chocolate mix

An easy-to-use cake mix which can help fix your chocolate cravings in no time! I put Helen’s gluten and wheat free chocolate cupcake mix to the test…

Gluten free, wheat free and dairy free crumpets from Genius

Perfect to keep you warm during the stormy weather – gluten, wheat and dairy free crumpets from Genius Gluten Free.

Winter is here – it’s time for gluten free lentil soup!

A hearty tin of gluten free soup, perfect for lunch on-the-go or to warm you up on a cold winter’s evening.

Gluten and wheat free wraps from BFree

Another gluten free wraps on the menu, but will it stand the ultimate test of family Mexican night?