Taste testing new gluten free pizzas by Dr Oetker Ristorante

Dr Oetker is the latest mainstream brand to launch a new range of gluten free pizzas, but how do they taste? I tested out the Dr Oetker gluten free pizzas and found out.

Gluten free mini pizzas with new recipe Newburn Bakehouse sandwich thins

These gluten and dairy free sandwich thins from Newburn Bakehouse have a new and improve recipe – and are perfect for making mini pizzas.

News: Pizza Express to launch gluten free pizza in Sainsbury’s

News broke this week that Pizza Express is adding gluten free pizza to its supermarket offerings! But when and where will this be on offer? Find out here…

Cauliflower pizza base: gluten free, grain free, low carb

A low carb, grain free pizza option for those missing the real thing! This is a great substitute for pizza, especially when you’re on a low-carb eating plan like me!

Gluten free fitness: the one-week-until-my-holiday countdown commences

From ‘meat-za’ to flaxseed-spiked smoothies, it’s been an all out missing to drop down that little bit lower in time for my holiday – with lots of training and a new yoga dvd on the cards too!

Gluten free Pizza at Bella Italia

My dreams came true when I visted Bella Italia and tried their amazing gluten free pizza!

Isabel’s Gluten Free Pizza Base Mix

Here’s a pizza base like nothing I’ve ever tasted before!

Pizza Pizza!!

I know that I’ve done a few pizza related posts before, but this one deserves to be top of the list, as I have just discovered THE best pizza base recipe EVER! Soft, doughy and light, this base is a far cry ahead of the crunchy, chewy and dry evolution…

Pizza Galore!!

Today I decided to try the Dietary Specials Gluten Free Pizza Bases and make my own pizza! Although the bases are quite small, they are really delicious and make an awesome pizza. I like the freedom of being able to top it with what I like! I decided to opt…