Gluten free ‘tear and share’ brie and cranberry bread

I’ve just had my first Christmas party and it’s got me thinking all about gluten free party food. So I’m kicking off my party food recipes with something I’ve been wanting to try for a long time – a gluten free brie and cranberry ‘tear and share’ bread! Want to…

The BEST gluten free mince pies – and other free from festive goods from Waitrose

What does Waitrose have to offer for Christmas this year? Only the best gluten free pies I’ve tasted! Take a look at what other gluten free and dairy free Christmas options they have here…

Gluten free mince pies from Udi’s UK

My first shop-bought gluten free mince pies of the year from Udi’s. What are your favourites?

Gluten free chocolate decadence from Munchcake

A chocolate tray bake cake which is perfect for parties or some serious self indulgence! Made using free range eggs and fair trade cocoa….lovely stuff.

M&S Caramel Pecan Crunch Squares…..just heavenly!

Gooey caramel, crunchy pecans, golden polenta base….what’s not to love about these bite-sized treats?

Parties will never be the same again….

With the Christmas party season approaching, it’s time to prepare to enter rooms full of hellish torture once again: delicious looking party rings, sausages on sticks, pastry-stricken vol-au-vents and taunting sausage rolls. You circle the room, trying to avoid eye contact with the wheat based products glaring at you from…