Gluten free meal prep: Garlic chicken, tikka chicken, meatballs and chilli

This week I’m kicking the bad habits and starting my belated new year’s resolutions to start a healthier gluten free lifestyle. Here’s the meals I’ve got planned for my first week…

Gluten free weekly meal prep – time to get lean!

As I knuckle down with training ahead of my holiday, prepping meals is key to making sure I stay on track – and have some time to myself in the evenings!

Gluten free tapas, part one: chorizo, prawns, meatballs, and plenty of red wine

This weekend saw a feast of tapas dishes, and all gluten free. Here’s three of the meals I cooked on Saturday to inject a bit of Spanish fun into your mealtimes.

Week three of get ripped or die trying [gluten free style] – the most successful yet

Prepping my meals in advance and training regularly has helped keep me on top this week – but it’s time to set some more goals!

Delicious meatballs from the Black Farmer’s Daughter

Whilst going through a bit of an obsession with meatballs, I put these gluten free pork and beef products to the test!

Spanish Meatballs – Smokin!

When I saw Sainsbury’s Freefrom Beef Meatballs on the shelf, I just had to have them! I’m a complete sucker for meatballs (of the food kind – thankyou for your smutty jokes Miss Welland!), and whilst I usually love making my own super-garlicy ones with pasta, I decided that I…