Gluten free carvery and dessert at the Park Hotel, Barnstaple

I was so pleased to find not only did I get a gluten free meal, but also a gluten free dessert at this gorgeous hotel in Barnstaple, North Devon.

Delicious meatballs from the Black Farmer’s Daughter

Whilst going through a bit of an obsession with meatballs, I put these gluten free pork and beef products to the test!

GUEST POST: Gluten Free tropical breakfast risotto

In the next of our series of guest blog posts, Brian from This Gluten-Free Life has been kind enough to share a delicious tropical breakfast risotto recipe which is perfect for feeling summery!

Gluten free Rice Mac & Cheese: an American-style TV dinner

Rich, creamy, cheesy, gooey and all-round delicious, there is nothing disappoints about this ready meal.

The Great Gluten Free Recipe Challenge: dark chocolate and orange muffins

Okay, so somehow whilst breaking my camera and having a mini meltdown  in the kitchen, I managed to grab a couple of snaps of these dark chocolate and orange muffins. Made as part of The Great Gluten Free Recipe Challenge set by Caleigh over at Gluten Free[k], I had to…

GUEST POST: ‘Life beyond onion and garlic’ by FODMAP Free

In her second guest post, Pippa, aka FODMAP Free, will be exploring life without onion and garlic, and sharing a great recipe for gluten and FODMAP free spaghetti bolognese.

Gluten free Cornish style slices: my first puff pastry experience

Delicious puff pastry with a peppery filling, these cornish slices are the perfect treat for a Sunday afternoon.

Gluten free chocolates for Mother’s Day

These gluten free chocolates are perfect for a mothers’ day gift, an elegant confectionary product from the heart of Devon.

Curried quinoa with salmon – a quick gluten free dish

Quinoa and salmon make this dish packed full of protein and so simple to make – perfect before hitting the gym.


​This week the lovely Pippa, aka FODMAP free, is blogging about the FODMAP diet in the first of a series of new guest posts. Pippa will be sharing her FODMAP experiences with you every month, so stay tuned for more posts to come!

A gluten free pre-gym meal

A healthy and delicious meal to set you up for a session in the gym – and it’s quick and easy to make too!

Waitrose’s Gluten Free Sandwiches

When I stopped by my local Waitrose having heard about their new gluten-free sandwiches, I picked up this Prawn Mayo one – and here’s what I thought!

Gluten free Tapas at La Tasca!

Gluten free Tapas at La Tasca in Bournemouth – seafood, sangria and sunshine!

Natural Bourne Grillers – an interview with the coeliac friendly chef

Nestled on Old Christchurch Road in Landsdowne, Bournemouth, lies a gluten-free treasure. The words “Coeliac Friendly” greet you on the door of Natural Bourne Grillers restaurant, and it just gets better from there! Paul Sochor has made everything on the menu of his steak-house available gluten free. From steak and…

Warburton’s GF Launch!

A trip to London led me to trying the new Warburton’s range, my first celeb encounter and eating Phil Vickery’s pigs! More here…

Detrimental to health, not just a faddy diet

For anyone who hasn’t been caught up in the world-wide enraged (virtual) mob of coeliacs on Twitter and Facebook, there’s been a lot of upset over an ABC television package on gluten free diets (which you can view by clicking here). The package, featured on ABC Nightline on 3rd November,…

Warburton’s range available from Jan!

The new Warburton’s FreeFrom range, which has been much anticipated by gluten-free customers – and is shrouded in mystery, will be available from January 2011. The range, which is currently being kept under wraps, could provide new options for coeliac disease sufferers, and a possible saviour from bland, crumbly, gluten-free…

Gluten free Chinese take away at Han Court, Fremington

Often being coeliac means Chinese food is off the menu, but Han Court in Fremington, North Devon, has mastered the art of the gluten free Chinese take away…

Halloumi Cheese…YUM!

So the letters to the Supermarkets were sent off yesterday! Hopefully I will receive some responses soon, it would be nice to hear their point of view as to their broken up GF bread! As for Gluten Free life in the past few days, it’s been pretty eventful! I made…

Back to Uni…Time for Ready Meals!

So it’s back to Uni this week and, in true student style, I decided to opt for a ready meal for my first night back! I decided to try a Dietary Specials Gluten Free Beef Lasagne as my local Asda had just started stocking them. Coming in at only 353…

A Blast from the Past!

Do you miss the odd bit of ready made comfort food? Try these Gluten Free Chicken Kievs for a hassle free option…

Summer Warmth for a Cold Day

With the current weather turning the world white and icy-cold, there was one item of gluten free food that brought distant memories of summer back to me. Sainsbury’s Free From Sun Dried Tomato Ciabatta Rolls are absolutely divine. The packaging, containing two rolls, says to oven cook the rolls for…

Croissants for Breakfast, Ooh La La!

I was extremely excited to find Sainsbury’s have bought out gluten free croissants! Freefrom Croissants come in a pack of two for £1.89 (as usual we pay a hefty price for our food, as if cutting gluten out of our diet wasn’t enough punishment!) At first glance, although they had…

Tea and Biscuits, Yummy!

Firstly I must apologise for the lack of attention I have paid to my blog recently, but now I’m back and determined to put my heart and soul into getting this page up and running! I signed up to Glutafin the other month to get some free samples and I…

A Genius Idea!

When I saw Genius Bread on the shelf in Tescos, I picked it up thinking “not another crappy loaf of bread!” But the instant my fingers wrapped around the loaf I felt it squash beneath my hands…like real bread. I scoured the pack, unable to believe that this soft loaf…