Review: New Nestlé gluten free cereals take me back to childhood days

Nestlé has launched some new gluten free cereals and their goal is to make coeliacs feel ‘normal’! Find out what I thought of them – and how you can win some goodies – here…

Gluten free Nestle competition: the winners

The winners of the Nestle gluten free competition are…

Gluten free banana and maple oat pudding with Nestlé honey flakes

Everyone needs a gluten free treat now and then. This banana and maple gluten free oat pudding is delicious and the perfect refeed when you’re in need of a clean cheat!

New gluten free cereal from Nestlé

I thought the days of sitting on the sofa with a bowl of cereal were long behind me, but now Nestlé have launched a brand new range of gluten free cereals, I had a delicious treat!

Gluten Free Breakfast Cereals

The gluten-free Maple Sunrise from Nature’s Path is a great-tasting cereal which brings the fun back to breakfast.