Getting fit gluten free style: thai curry, lazy training and cashew nuts

It’s been a week of ups and down, but operation get fit or die trying (gluten free style) is still ongoing – here’s my second installment on attempting to live a healthy gluten free life!

Campaign to make Domino’s gluten free pizzas BIGGER!

Domino’s gluten free pizza – delicious, but tiny. Let’s campaign to make a change for BIGGER pizzas!

Berry, avocado and coconut water smoothie – gluten and dairy free

A delicious smoothie with everything you need for a fulfilling and healthy snack – yum yum!

Operation get fit or die trying (gluten free style): week one.

You might notice my blog is undergoing a new, healthy revamp – it’s time to get fit, gluten free style.

Getting ‘glutened’ – why spice mixes are no longer my friend

Death by spice mix: gluten lurks in the sneakiest of places, be warned!

A gluten free meal at the Boathouse Restaurant in Instow, North Devon.

I enjoyed a gluten free meal at the Boathouse in Instow, North Devon for my friend’s birthday – here’s what I tried from their extensive and varied menu.

New year detox – my favourite healthy teas

It’s the new year, time for a detox! Here I share my three favourite healthy teas – including one which when you accidentally eat gluten! Check it out and share your favourites.

Merry Christmas! Gluten free Yule log making on Christmas Eve

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas with this gluten free Yule log recipe by Dove’s Farm (with some adjustments!)

Festive post #3: Last minute gluten free panic buying and festive roundup!

In the wake of recent flooding in my village, I decided to raid the cupboards and see what I’ve got in stock for a gluten free Christmas!

Festive post #2: Prewett’s gluten free Christmas tree shortbreads

Buttery shortbread, gluten free, and shaped like Christmas trees – what more could you want?

Recipe: Super healthy gluten free turkey meatballs

It’s your bulk-standard meatball’s super healthy, gluten free cousin! With added flaxseed and chilli.

Recipe: Gluten free spicy coriander chicken with Paneer curry

A spicy dish to warm you in the winter evenings using a combination of spices, fresh herbs, and the Indian cheese Paneer – perfect to cure the post-Christmas party hangover.

Gluten free paninis at Green Lanes Cafe, Barnstaple

A town centre cafe offering gluten free ‘paninis’…even if they do look suspiciously like a Warburton’s gluten free roll!

Festive post #1 – gluten free mince pies

Testing out the best gluten free mince pies so you don’t have to – what a tough job!

Pizza Hut: the final gluten free pizza-related post…for now

The last pizza post for a while I swear! This time I tested Pizza Hut’s gluten free offerings…

M&S Caramel Pecan Crunch Squares…..just heavenly!

Gooey caramel, crunchy pecans, golden polenta base….what’s not to love about these bite-sized treats?

Gluten free Domino’s pizza….tasty, but only for the rich?

The wait is over – it’s finally here! Domino’s gluten free pizza is a tasty treat, but at that price, how did all the ‘normal’ people ever afford it!?

Flying gluten free with British Airways

Here’s my experience flying gluten free with British Airways…

While we’re on the subject of gluten free pizza…

I’ve found the most amazing gluten free pizza in the supermarkets, it’s so good!!

Gluten free yorkshires with roast beef – the ultimate winter feast!

Slow roasted beef with some fabulous home made Yorkshire puddings, great for the dark, winter evenings.

A long overdue thyroid update – the rollercoaster continues…

An update on the roller coaster journey that has been my thyroidectomy!

The perfect gluten free pick me up: soup, Glorious soup!

This delicious peanut and chicken soup has a bit of a kick and oodles of flavour to make you feel good on the dreariest of days.