The BEST gluten free bread pudding recipe with amaretto

This post is sponsored by Genius gluten free. Bread pudding is one of those super comforting winter desserts, and my gluten free bread pudding recipe has an extra special festive twist! I remember my mum making bread pudding when I was a child and there is something about the warming cinnamon…

Round up: What’s new in the free from aisles this month?

Is it me, or have there suddenly been a whole load of new gluten free products launched into the supermarket free from aisles?

June favourites: new dairy free milks, wraps on the go and gluten free carvery

Some of my favourite gluten free products from June and looking ahead at exciting things for July – including the Allergy and Free From Show, and my new vlogging adventure!

News: Aldi brings out gluten free stock for Coeliac Awareness Week

Aldi has launched a line of 19 products on its Specialbuys today as part of Coeliac Awareness Week – find out which brands it is stocking here…

Gluten free brunch: delightful pains au chocolat

Flaky pastry, buttery taste and plenty of oozing, warm dark chocolate in these gluten free pains au chocolat get a double thumbs up from me.

Becoming addicted to Genius spicy gluten free fruit loaf

A new product from Genius gluten free. I didn’t think I would be too keen – I ended up addicted…

Gluten free, wheat free and dairy free crumpets from Genius

Perfect to keep you warm during the stormy weather – gluten, wheat and dairy free crumpets from Genius Gluten Free.

GUEST POST: Posh afternoon tea, but gluten free

Guest blogger Liz Crawshaw from Down With Gluten gives her thoughts on posh, gluten free afternoon tea in London.

Ooh la la, gluten free croissants and pain au chocolat from Genius

I’ve been waiting to try these for so long, and they were oh-so worth the wait!

Gluten free pizza: A genius idea

This gluten free delight is the perfect Saturday night-solution, and tastes so much like a ‘normal’ pizza you wouldn’t notice the difference!

Let’s hear it for the Chain Stores

Whenever I thought of getting gluten free food on the go, I used to avoid chain stores such as Costa Coffee or Marks and Spencers, and head for the health foor shops instead. Call me naive or slow winded (or both!?) but suddenly a whole new empire of gluten free…