Easy gluten free tandoori chicken and cheat’s pilau rice

I’m on a bit of a mission to create easy gluten free dinner ideas at the moment, and it doesn’t come much easier than my gluten free tandoori chicken with cheat’s pilau rice. Marinaded overnight, you just bung the tandoori chicken in the oven, whip some super quick rice, and…

My gluten free marmalade chicken recipe with super simple egg fried rice

Gluten free marmalade chicken is a recipe I’ve wanted to try for a long time. As I grow up (scary, I know!) I’m starting to really love fruity flavours in savoury dishes. This gluten free Chinese-style recipe is the perfect combination of tangy sweetness from the fruit and the salty…

Gluten free weekly meal prep – time to get lean!

As I knuckle down with training ahead of my holiday, prepping meals is key to making sure I stay on track – and have some time to myself in the evenings!

The great big gluten free barbecue epic: part one

Part one – some different ideas for your gluten free barbecue, enjoy them while the sunshine lasts!

Recipe: Gluten free polenta coated chicken kievs

Something I’ve wanted to try making for years, and I’m so glad I finally did!

Recipe: Chicken with mozzarella, pepperoni and pesto

If I was trying to make a form of ‘meat-za’, then this would be the chicken equivalent of calzone (minus the tomatoes, but you could add those if you like)…

A gluten free pre-gym meal

A healthy and delicious meal to set you up for a session in the gym – and it’s quick and easy to make too!

Tomato and Spinach Chicken Bake

A delicious dish with tender chicken, tasty veg and stringy mozzerella – with a little pepperoni kick! Healthy, and a great student meal.

Quinoa with chicken, avo and spinach…mouthwatering!

Deliciously healthy, full of veg (got to be at least 2 of your 5-a-day, surely!?) low in salt and high in protein, this delicious meal is a great quick fix!

Boost to the Immune System!

My Mum always told me that Chicken soup, made from the whole carcass, has immense healing properties. So when my housemate made a roast for us this weekend, I decided to take the opportunity to make a immune-boosting chicken soup. And I don’t mean to be big headed, but this…