My gluten free bread baskets with egg and bacon crumble

This post is sponsored by Genius Gluten Free. Brunch is by far my favourite meal of the day, so when Genius asked me to create a recipe with their brand new Genius Gluten Free Fibre Fest Deli Rolls, I knew it had to be brunch-based. And the fabulous shape of…

My five-ingredient easy gluten free honey and peanut cereal bars

This post is sponsored by FREEE by Doves Farm. Gluten free cereal bars are definitely one of my snacks of choice, and making them at home is quick and easy. These cereal bars, made with FREEE by Doves Farm Gluten Free Organic Corn Flakes, have only five ingredients and require…

Five gluten free breakfast ideas for the Nutri-Brex #5WaysChallenge

This post is sponsored by Nutri-Brex. Gluten free breakfast ideas can often be hard to come by, but breakfast is my absolute favourite meal of the day and I like to make it as exciting as possible. Whether you’re after a leisurely brunch with breakfast muffins and crumbles, a quick…

Gluten and dairy free breakfast pancakes with caramelised coconut bananas

I think breakfast is my favourite meal of the day – and nothing is better than gluten and dairy free pancakes. Nothing, that is, except for topping those gluten and dairy free pancakes with caramelised bananas and a sticky, coconut caramel sauce. This, my friends, is the breakfast of champions.…

New Genius gluten free breakfast bakes review

Genius Foods is launching a new product: gluten free breakfast bakes. I put them to the test – with a little help from Steve – see our honest review of these new gluten free treats here.

Five ideas for gluten free, egg free breakfasts

Having already cut out dairy and gluten, I decided to try and avoid eggs for a week to see if I felt any better. This was certainly a challenge when it came to breakfasts – here’s what I came up with!

Gluten free, low carb heart-shaped egg muffins

Need a high protein, low carb, gluten free snack on the go? Like mini heart-shaped quiches minus the pastry, these egg muffins are so moreish!

New gluten free cereal from Nestlé

I thought the days of sitting on the sofa with a bowl of cereal were long behind me, but now Nestlé have launched a brand new range of gluten free cereals, I had a delicious treat!

Gluten free, low carb, paleo coconut flour waffles

Waffles which are gluten free, low carb, paleo and guilt free? Oh yes, it is good enough to be true – and here’s the recipe!

Gluten free brunch: delightful pains au chocolat

Flaky pastry, buttery taste and plenty of oozing, warm dark chocolate in these gluten free pains au chocolat get a double thumbs up from me.

Avocado egg boats – a quick and easy gluten free snack or breakfast

A great snack, or perfect for breakfast, these gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian goodies pack a wonderful punch of skin-friendly vitamin E.

Oat detox…one month(ish) on!

Ok, so as Steve very aptly pointed out to me, I started my oat detox last month… and then miserably failed to actually write any more about it! So for those of you that have sat waiting at your computer screens with disappointment every night for something to pop up…

Pure Bake Cakes, West Moors, Bournemouth

I always imagined that finding a coffee shop or cafe which was entirely gluten free would be a mission, or an impossible dream. But when my friend Claire Edwards tipped me off that a new entirely gluten free coffee shop was opening today in West Moors, Bournemouth, I had to…

Down to earth cereal!!

I’ve always felt a tinge of green when walking down the cereal aisle at the supermarket. All sorts of quirky shapes, innovative flavours and even down-right unusual ingredients spring from the shelves as if to taunt me, as I reach for my gluten-free oats and try and think of ways…

Childhood Treats

When I was little I remember that my Mum would never let us have chocolate cereals, unless we went camping and got a variety pack. Now I’m gluten-free, I haven’t really indulged in chocolate cereals much, but as soon as I saw these in the shop, I had to get…