Super Cheesy Macaroni Cheese

It’s been one hell of a mental week, and I apologise for the fact I haven’t updated this for a long time! I’ve managed to get myself a job, a freelance writing job and two Uni assignments all at the same time!

Needless to say, it’s been a week of poor eating habits and no blog updates 🙁 But there have been a couple of things I’ve made this week, including my first attempt at gluten free Macaroni Cheese!

Macaroni cheese, the ultimate comfort food!

I started off by making a basic white sauce. I’ll let you follow the recipe on the link for that, because mine was a bit lumpy! I still need some practise and doing it in a hurry wasn’t the best idea…

Whilst you’re making the sauce, stick some gluten free pasta on to boil so hopefully everything should be done in time! Unless you’re me… timing isn’t my strong point! I used twists as I didn’t have any macaroni, but you can pick up gluten free macaroni on prescription if you prefer!

When the pasta is cooked and drained, chuck in a load of grated cheddar and some chunks of mozzerella into the white sauce. I added loads of cheese because I’m a bit of a cheese-fiend, but if you prefer it with less strength vary the amount to your taste. The mozzerella is amazing as it make it go stringy! Alternatively you could try red leicester for an orange coloured twist, or blue cheese for a stronger flavour.

Once the cheese is stirred in and melted, add the pasta, stir, and serve in a bowl with grated cheddar and parmedan on top! A perfect quick dish which makes for amazing comfort food!



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