Summer Warmth for a Cold Day

With the current weather turning the world white and icy-cold, there was one item of gluten free food that brought distant

memories of summer back to me. Sainsbury’s Free From Sun Dried Tomato Ciabatta Rolls are absolutely divine.

Ciabatta grilled with brie, mmmmm!

The packaging, containing two rolls, says to oven cook the rolls for 5-6 minutes to warm them, but I decided to grill mine with Brie and it was an excellent decision!

As I took a bite, the warm brie oozing out of the soft roll, I was transported to sunshine filled vineyards and glowing Tuscan fields. Ok, so this may be in my head, but the subtle hints of sun dried tomato were the perfect rendition of summer.

The bread was soft and moist, unlike the usual dry state of gluten free bread, and contained small pieces of sun dried tomato which provided a burst of flavour with every bite.

The picture may not be the best as I am hidously bad at cutting things properly! But this tasty roll really should be tried by every Coeliac, especially to warm up those winter blues.


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