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I’ m normally not a fan of hot and spicy dishes, but every so often you just find something which is worth breaking through the sweat and tears for. The new Spicy Muscovado sauce from The Black Farmer is one of those gems.

Delicious as a stir fry, or a will you eat yours?

I was hooked on one sniff of the jar. I could feel the fiery scent burning my nostrils but it smelled so irresistable I had to give it a go.  Bubbling in the pan with fried chicken and stir fry veg, this sauce had a real oriental feel.

Right from the first mouthful it was bursting with rich flavours, and the fiesty combustion of the syrupy sweet muscovado and the fiery chilly. But it was a fantastic explosion of flavours.

Each bite brought a new gasp for air with the heat but I just couldn’t stop. It was so rich and flavoursome I gobbled down the whole lot, as did everyone else I was eating with!

One jar definitely did four people perfectly, and I am going to go out and buy this again!!

Coming up soon I’ll be trying the Ginger and Lime sauce and the Spicy Tomato sauce, both from The Black Farmer. You can purchase the sauces here.

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