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I’m always keen to try a new protein bar, but when Bodhi contacted me and asked me if I would like to try some protein bars made from cricket flour, how could I say no?

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Yes, you heard that right – these Bodhi protein bars are made from cricket flour – as in THE crickets that jump around!

As well as providing an unusual source of protein, they are also gluten free, dairy free and soy free, as well as being paleo. They are made with organic cricket flour, cacao and dates.

So why crickets? Well, a few cricket facts for you: they are a natural source of essential amino acids, they contain (gram-for-gram) more protein than meat or fish, and they are must more sustainable to farm than ‘traditional’ livestock.

They are also high in calcium, are a great source of B vitamins and have more iron than beans, beef or spinach.

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Crickets require only eight litres of water per 1kg of protein (cows require 8,350 litres!) and they only need about one-tenth of the feed requirements. They also produce 80 times less methane than cows!

Still not convinced? These Bodhi bars are pretty tasty – they have a very similar texture to other fruit bars (kind of like Nakd type bars) and obviously have the added bonus of extra protein. I think the idea of eating crickets does get some getting used to, but if you can put it to the back of your mind, it’s not so bad!

They had a slightly different taste to them that I was unfamiliar with, but I think this might have been the chicory root in the bar. If you didn’t know crickets were in there, you’d never even realise – and I think if you can get over the mental picture these are definitely worth a shot.

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I hope that Bodhi continue to promote the value of eating insects as a sustainable protein source and I seriously urge you to give these a try – you’ll never know they’re made of cricket flour!

For more information on Bodhi and to buy their bars visit their website here.

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