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Crafted in the Italian Alps and made with a new recipe – I expected big things from my little sample bag of Glutafin Penne Pasta. (PIP Code 211-5152)

Being a massive pasta fan at heart, I struggled for years to find the perfect gluten free version. A lot of the corn-based supermarket versions I always find too bitty and flourescent, and this looked like a welcome change from that.

Made in the Italian Alps, it's as close to real pasta as possible!

I found that it cooked a lot quicker than the supermarket ones, taking only 7 minutes as opposed to the usual 10 minutes.

The pieces were a perfect size, and I love Penne because whatever sauce you put with it, it hides in the tubes and makes it that bit tastier!

I cooked mine with just a simple cheese sauce, but it’s so versatile it will go with anything!

A perfectly textured pasta, this was really a nice change from the usual gluten free pasta I eat, and once I sort out my gluten-free prescriptions I shall definitely be getting some of this!

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