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With the Christmas party season approaching, it’s time to prepare to enter rooms full of hellish torture once again: delicious looking party rings, sausages on sticks, pastry-stricken vol-au-vents and taunting sausage rolls.

Party food with a whole different agenda!

You circle the room, trying to avoid eye contact with the wheat based products glaring at you from the buffet, occassionally nibbling on a less than satisfying cheese and pineapple stick, and ignoring the longing grumbles of your stomach.

This was until the wonderful people at TruFree, perhaps in responding sympathy to gluten-free party goers, decided to bring out chocolate fingers…for coeliacs.

Parties will NEVER be the same again!

I can’t count the amount of times (don’t have enough fingers, haha) I have been to a party and watched longingly as my friends scoffed down the chocolate fingers leaving me deprived and a little bit broken hearted.

Horrendous jokes aside, these are one party staple that I have missed and I am so so grateful to find that a company has finally thought to bring out a gluten-free version!

I don’t really remember what chocolate fingers taste like. I was going to offer these round to my housemates for a comparison, but unfortuntely for them, I accidentally gobbled down the whole box absent mindedly within five minutes of receiving them….

Yum yum yum yum yum!!!!

Definitely an indication of how good they are – I just had to check the whole box was the same, you know the drill!

The fingers are fatter than your average Cadbury’s finger, and of the darker chocolate variety.

The box was stuffed full which I was very please about, so I decided to tuck right in!

Suprisingly the fingers don’t taste like proper dark chocolate, they are still sweet and have a very satisfying cunch to them!

There is a perfect ratio of chocolate to biscuit, but beware – they are light enough for you to eat the whole box without even realising. This is quite dangerous!

But seriously, I am just so happy that finally a substitute gluten-free version of a well known product has been made that is useful!

Delicious, and useful!!

If you have a coeliac friend and you’re having them over for a party in future, get some of these, please.

To be able to give them “normal” looking party food will make their day, just mind out the non-coeliacs keep their hands off, these are addictive!

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  1. Oh wow. I would love these oh how I resonated with you whe you said you skirt around the party trying not to look the food in the eye. That is me, me, me!
    My son sent me someTruform Bouborn gluten free biscuits from UK in a birthday parcel. They were delicious. I might ask him to send me some of these next time.