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Ok, so as Steve very aptly pointed out to me, I started my oat detox last month… and then miserably failed to actually write any more about it!

So for those of you that have sat waiting at your computer screens with disappointment every night for something to pop up – here’s an update just for you!

I started my oat detox just under a month ago and so far have been very successful in staying away from the oats sat neglected in my cupboard.

Breakfast (unfortunately for my arteries) seems to have become a bad habit of bacon sandwiches (or nothing, when I’m having a really unhealthy morning!) or, on a good day, fruit and yoghurt.

With so many options for other breakfasts except porridge, I feel a bit like I’m letting myself down with such an unhealthy streak!

Will I have to give up the oats for good!?

The new Juvela cereals, toast, fruit and yoghurt or scrambled eggs are all great healthy alternatives – and I should be eating more like this!

Having now eaten all the bacon in my fridge, cutting oats from my diet has opened my eyes to a range of healthy and fulfilling breakfasts, and even if you are lucky enough to eat oats, these would definitely provide variety in what can become a very monotonous meal!

As for how I’m feeling since giving up oats – there have definitely been some improvements.

I no longer get stomach cramps in the mornings and my digestion has definitely improved!

Whether this is a result of avoiding oats, or just of change in my diet, I am unsure at the moment.

The only thing to do now is to try oats again, which I shall be doing this week, and see once and for all how I feel!

Thankyou to those of you that have helped or offered advice on my oat detox! A lot of you have suggested that I try specifically gluten-free oats such as the ones found in Sainsbury’s or Juvela’s breakfast ranges.

Unfortunately, these are the oats that I have been using! So if the oats effect me this time I can definitely rule out contamination and accept I am one of the unfortunate few who cannot touch oats at all – full stop.

Wish me luck…..


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