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If you haven’t heard of Protein Pow, seriously, where have you been? Anna Sward, brains behind the operation, has made protein baking accessible to everyone. Her awesome cartoons are reason enough to follow her, let alone her incredible array of protein wizardry!

You may have seen my previous experiments with Protein Pow, including when Anna released her Protein Pow cooking mixes earlier this year (see my protein banana bread recipe here). So when she kindly asked me to have a play with her brand new protein powders she was launching, I was seriously excited!

protein pow protein powders

So excited, in fact, that instead of packing for my trip to New York (yes, it’s late and I leave tomorrow but packing so far = NIL) I excitedly donned by Protein Pow apron (BEST GIFT EVER) and decided to test out some of Anna’s recipes.

protein pow protein powders

There are two unflavoured protein powders on offer for all your baking exploits: one whey protein, and one pea protein (which is vegan). They contain 25g and 24g of protein respectively, and each tub contains 450g, which is 15 x 30g servings.

And the best bits? They have no nasties added to them and they’re both gluten free! They also come with loads of ideas – some tasty recipes on the tub and a cute little recipe book on the lid which you can take off and keep.

protein pow protein powders review

I use protein powders a lot for both baking and post-workout shakes, and sometimes the ingredients lists have words you’ve no hope of pronouncing. This also means each powder seems to react differently to recipes – so have a powder which works perfectly with all of the Protein Pow recipes is ideal.

Experiment one: Vegan protein cookies

protein pow protein powder review

I wanted to test out both of the powders, so i decided to try one of Anna’s recipes for each. First up was the vegan, pea protein powder, and there was only one thing for it: COOKIES.

protein pow vegan protein powder review

I’ve never made protein cookies before and these were brilliantly easy to make. Just use a scoop of the powder with almond butter, coconut sugar, coconut oil, almond milk ground almonds and chocolate chips.

protein pow vegan protein powder review

The problem was the dough was SO amazing I kept eating it raw! I had to make a few batches of this to actually have enough cookies to photograph but they worked really well. I expected them to be quite delicate to handle but they weren’t, and they were really tasty.




Experiment two: Protein cheesecake

For my whey protein experimentations, the protein cheesecake recipe caught my eye. I love cheesecake and this looked like a really simple recipe using basic, store cupboard ingredients.

The base was a mix of almond butter (the recipe said peanut, but that was all I had!), honey and ground almonds, mixed into a delicious protein dough and pressed into muffin cases.

protein pow whey protein powder review

The filling was made from the Protein Pow whey protein powder, blended with liquid egg whites and low fat cream cheese, plus a sweetener of your choice. I used the My Protein zero-cal toffee sweetener, which made these taste delicious!

protein pow whey protein powder review


These literally took about five minutes to put together, and 25 mins later they were out of the oven, cooling down ready for me to scoff them. They were REALLY tasty and a great treat if you want a healthier version of a classic, sugar-filled cheesecake!

protein pow whey protein powder review

protein pow whey protein powder review

Had I more time, I would have made a nice berry compote to pour over these, or a salted caramel sauce (naughty!) but as I have a bag to pack and a plane to catch, I just ate them as is! And they were amazing – I’ll definitely make these again nearer to Christmas!

My verdict on Protein Pow’s powders

These two protein powder mixes are brilliant for cooking! I love the added extras of the recipes and the funky designs and they will make your life SO much easier if you want to experiment with protein baking. I cannot recommend them enough and urge you check out the Protein Pow website as there are so many awesome recipes on there!

Where can I get these powders?

The protein powders are available on the Protein Pow website – along with the cooking mixes and recipe books – for £14.99 with free standard P&P. They’re definitely worth a shot as one of the most clean protein powders I have seen on the market!

A big thank you to Anna and her team for sending me these samples – I promise the enthusiasm is genuine for these products so please do go and support them and check out their website!

Have you tried the Protein Pow cooking mixes? What did you think? Make sure you share your creations using #ProteinPow and tag me on my FacebookTwitter or Instagram pages so I can see them too! xx

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  1. So far I’ve found Alkamist from Swhey to be my favorite powder, but I’ll be sure to take a look at that one!

  2. Swhey’s Halo is their protein powder (super yummy). The Alkamist is their green superfood powder – it does wonders if you’re looking for a natural detox.