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You may have noticed I’ve been a bit quiet the last week or two – I felt like I’d hit a bit of a writer’s block. Or perhaps a ‘life block’ would be a bit more accurate, and I feel it’s time for a bit of an update on where I am going!

This blog has been a reflection of my gluten free journey and my life the last six years – scrimping and saving as a student, travelling to far off countries, enjoying (many) delicious treats, discovering new gluten free goodies and learning to love and embrace fitness into my life – even completing my 16 week body transformation.

August 2015 verses November 2015
August 2015 verses November 2015

But since my photoshoot I’ve felt a little lost. I went straight on holiday and then came down with a virus for about six weeks – with that and Christmas – and then becoming ill again recently – it completely threw me off course.

Now it’s suddenly six months later, I’m back eating all sorts of ‘naughty’ foods (and way too much pizza – like, I seriously might be addicted), training has subsided to almost nothing and I’m not really sure what my goal is anymore.

Definitely need to eat less of this!!
Definitely need to eat less of this!!

But there’s no excuse for it. There have been some fairly major and exciting projects and challenges going on in my personal life and I’ve chosen to prioritise these over my health.

So what am I going to do about it?

I need to start putting my health first – and that means sorting a few things out. My thyroid has been playing up over the last six months (at least) and I’ve finally found a GP who I think will actually help me to find out what’s going on. I need to get this stabilised and sorted – it’s been over six years since my partial thyroidectomy and it’s ridiculous I am still letting this go on. NB – look out for a proper thyroid update soon when and if I do get anywhere with this!

I also need to stop training for looks and work on training for fitness and strength. I LOVED my photoshoot prep and I fully intend on setting some bigger aesthetic challenges (I have a goal in mind, but don’t want to share yet as I need to get my health on track first!) for next year, but for now I need to show my body some TLC.


Since my prep finished I never reverse dieted properly and I’ve been swaying constantly from a calorie deficit to bingeing. I feel like my metabolism is ruined, and I need some consistent eating at a maintenance calorie level to nurse it back to health before I can even consider dieting down again. And in the meantime, I intend to put those extra calories to good use and really try build some strength and muscle, and see if I can feel a bit more energised.


So with that in mind, I’m telling myself enough is enough, and I’m hoping you guys will hold me accountable! I want to enjoy life and enjoy food but it has to be in moderation – living by an 80/20 rule in favour of health, rather than the other way around.

I can’t wait to share the next stage of my journey with you all (don’t worry, there will still be plenty on the latest gluten free treats – though you may need to test some of them for me!). If anyone else is on a bit of a health or fitness related journey I’d love to hear all about it! Please comment below, tweet me or follow me on Facebook and Instagram!

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  1. I’m on a journey too! After reaching my highest weight ever, I decided enough was enough. I’ve been lifting weights about 4 times a week and trying to hit 10,000 steps every day. I also cleaned up my diet, reducing the sugar, grains and carbs and focusing more on protein and vegetables. But I was traveling last week, and I’m moving countries next week, and it’s a struggle to keep up with it right now. I’m also really nervous about how I’ll keep going when I’m home in the land of tacos and mom’s home cooking. I’m trying to follow the 80/20 rule too, and go a little easier on myself through this very stressful period! One thing that really helps me stay on track is to make sure I’m eating enough protein, vegetables, and iron-rich foods – by the time I’ve done all that, there’s not a lot of room left for treats! Plus I find the more I eat well, the more I crave healthy food (and the same goes for eating not so well!) Best of luck to you, wherever your journey takes you next 🙂

  2. I totally got a lot of what you’re saying here, I have to admit to hitting damn well near rock bottom at the moment. I watched an interesting video on YouTube yesterday addressing mums of children with Aspergers. The message was simply this ‘put on YOUR oxygen mask first’ i.e. look after yourself otherwise your useless to your children. My boy has just been diagnosed ASD at 9 and also has severe anxiety…as you know my daughter Beth is Coeliac and Type 1 Diabetic…they keep me on my toes…trouble is I’m running on empty. I’ve never had it this bad. I can see what I’m doing to myself, it’s like am astrally projecting and screaming at myself with sensible advice…but I can’t hear me (does that make any sense at all?), I’m missing meals because I apparently can’t fit them in. Opting to have a bowl of cereal instead at supper. There’s a distinct lack of motivation when I do feel hungry to whip something up…Lewis would live on a bowl of cocoa pops with chocolate pillows and lashings of chocolate milk if I allowed him and Beth would be happy to eat a bowl of plain white rice every day. My energy levels are zero and I cannot get through the day without napping…just fell asleep in the car waiting at pick up just now! I love to watch your and other bloggers journeys. You give me hope that I can do it too. Keep up the fab work and I’ll be watching <3

    1. Thanks for the lovely message Rebecca 🙂 Unfortunately I think everyone goes through phases like that and not putting yourself first seems only natural. But sometimes you just have to. I’m sure if you start making small changes you can make a big impact – never forget to nourish and look after yourself 🙂 and good luck on your journey too! x