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Oh dear, I have been a bad blogger. This is a bit of an ‘oops’ moment – a belated review, but still a very much relevant one. When the company Crate of Nothing launched earlier this year, they sent me a free crate to review but in among moving house and other such things, that review accidentally got put on hold a bit.


The premise of the company is interesting – a monthly create delivered to your door full of gluten (and dairy free, if specified) goodies for you to try. Some you will recognise, others you won’t, so it’s a great way to discover new gluten free brands. I guess it’s a little like a graze box, except as well as snacks you also get ingredients to make a different recipe each month.

The branding of the website is pretty funky and I liked the idea – though at £20 per crate for a monthly subscription it’s probably more than I would spend on snacks by a mile! However, if you like to discover new foods, and enjoy the fun of opening a box of goodies each month and being surprised by the contents, this is a great idea. I think a subscription would be a wonderful birthday gift, hint hint.

This cake push pop was my absolute favourite item in my crate!
This cake push pop was my absolute favourite item in my crate!

In my crate (January’s crate, believe it or not!) I had the following (plus my thoughts on each item):

  • An Apple & Pear Bar by Braw

I liked this a lot. It wasn’t too sweet, and was perfect to just chuck in my bag when I was on the go.

This was SO delicious. It was moist and juicy and had a real tang to it – again, not too sweet, just how I like my lemon drizzle cakes.

I have had these and reviewed these before (see here) and love the lime twist on this gluten free classic. Needless to say this did not last long!

This was my absolute favourite item!! It was so adorable in its little lolly-pop type form. The layers were amazing – thick lashings of frosting combined with tangy cake. I only wish the push pop had been the size of a full blown cake!

Steph’s Kitchen never fails to impress me – another brilliant product from her. In fact, these gingerbread men were one of the first ever products I reviewed on this blog many years ago. It’s so nice to have something which is gluten free but looks just like the ‘real deal’.

My gingerbread man accompanied me to work.... he never returned...
My gingerbread man accompanied me to work…. he never returned…
  • BigOz Oat, Coconut & Strawberry Porridge Pot

I love the handy-sized pot, and the fact I could shove it in my bag and take to work to enjoy for brunch. The porridge was yummy and I liked the coconut flavours in it.

  • A Moroccan Style Vegetable Tagine by Illumi

Hmm, I’ll be honest, I wasn’t really digging this. I am not a big fan of fruit in savoury things, so found this meal very sweet and if I’m honest, I couldn’t finish it. Sorry illumi, just not my cup of tea…

  • A Vitality Muffin by Nom Nom

I liked the idea of this muffin and how it looked. The variety of seeds were nice and added a good crunch to it, but I did find it a little dry. My boss, however, loved it and ate the whole thing!

  • Ingredients for gluten free and dairy free brownies.

Steve and I had great fun making these! They were very yummy – though I am generally not a fan of dairy free items. I have to say they weren’t as chewy and soft as I like my brownies but I did like the chocolate we melted and slathered on top!

Delicious brownies....drool..
Delicious brownies….drool..
Crate of Nothing is certainly a fun idea. I would recommend it to newly-diagnosed coeliacs who want some help discovering brands, or those who are after a bit of variety in their lives. I would probably order one every now and again, but as I am trying to eat clean at the moment, snacks just don’t have a place in my diet! Especially not lemon drizzled, chocolate coated ones!!
For more information on Crate of Nothing visit their website here.

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