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Since my uni load bulked up a bit, creativity in the kitchen has been replaced with ready meals and pizza. Until, that is, I decided to attempt my first ever pie….

Available from most supermarkets in the frozen aisle

I have never made a pie before, but when my Mum gave me some Dietary Specials shortcrust pastry, I felt it was about time I tried!

I’ve had this pastry several times before, and it is delicious!

The perfect melting texture, the pastry gives a delicious taste and always looks yummy and golden-brown.

The pastry comes frozen, and once defrosted you simply knead it for a couple opf minutes until it becomes pliable, then use as you would any other pastry!

As gluten free pastry goes, it’s a great mix! It’s pretty flexible and as long as your gentle, can be rolled out super thin – without sticking at all which is great!

And here’s a tip my Mum taught me – if you’re a little heavy handed like me!

To roll the pastry out extra thin without breaking it when you try and move it, lay the pastry on a sheet of clingfilm, then place another sheet on top. As you roll the pastry, the clingfilm stops it from sticking and allows you to move the pastry around without it breaking – genius!

I decided to fill my pie with my favourite filling – Chicken, Ham and Sweetcorn, in a white sauce (with a little cheesy kick – I am a MASSIVE cheese sauce fan!)

Overall, I was really impressed with the pastry – it was easy to use, great to cook with and the pie only took 25 minutes to bake – smiles all round!

And considering I’ve never cooked a pie before, I was amazed with the results….

Ok, so it may have been a little charred around the edges…infact, it reminds me of the pie from the Lurpack advert! It’s not perfect, but I was so proud!

Do you love gluten free pies? What’s your favourite pie filling? Comment below and share your ideas!!

For more information on the Dietary Specials range, click here.

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  1. Looks lovely, I made a few pies using Phil Vickery’s recipe for Pastry in his book very nice.

  2. Hannah – of course my dear I will bring you round a pie one day hehe!!

    Brian – the pie in his book looks amazing! I am still yet to try that but I definitely will be soon!

  3. Wow this looks great! I’ll try to cook one of these… I guess in my dreams hehe happy eating!

  4. Ooooh – I’ve always struggled to make gluten free pastry, I’m glad this works! I’ll have to give it a go!