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Well, well, well, 2016, what a year you have been! It’s been the biggest year I can remember for gluten free food with new products cropping up here, there and everywhere. January seems like a long time ago, but I’ve gone back over my year and picked out some of my favourite parts!

What have been your gluten free highlights of 2016? Please share them – I’d love to know if there is anything I’ve missed!

Working with Protein Pow!


I’ve always LOVED Protein Pow and Anna’s amazing powders, mixes and recipes, and I love them even more for being gluten free. So being asked by Anna to become one of the Pow family this year was probably THE highlight of 2016!

I always dreamed of one day working with a brand like Protein Pow, which combines my love of food and fitness, and I’m so excited to be cooking up loads of gluten free, protein-packed goodies next year! Check out my awesome Pow cartoon above!

Gluten free party food from Tesco


It may be sad that a mozzarella stick was one of the highlights of my year – but seriously, it was. Just seeing the amount of mainstream party food available in Tesco this Christmas was incredible and it’s been amazing gorging on everything beige I can find!!

Gluten free New York


New York has always been a MAJOR tick on the bucket list and I was so excited to travel there in November over Thanksgiving. Steve and I explored the whole city for five nights and I found SO many gluten free goodies – read my full guide here. Gluten free mac and cheese,  amazing pizzas, doughnuts and pancakes for breakfast were just some of the highlights.

Visiting Morrisons in London

morrisons gluten free event coeliac awareness week (10)

Morrisons has made a big effort this year to make free from accessible, and when I was invited to London with some other food bloggers during Coeliac Awareness Week, it was a fab experience. As well as meeting some awesome people it was a chance to feel like as a coeliac and consumer, I was being listened to.

Gluten free food in London


I had an amazing time visiting London with my bestie Lauren in April(!?) and we visited so many foodie places! As well as trying vegetarian food at The Gate and afternoon tea in Kensington, we also tried loads of other gluten free goodies AND saw James Bay. Perfect weekend.

Gluten free Vlogmas


This year I launched my Youtube channel and to try and kick things off properly I took part in Vlogmas this year. Trying to vlog every day was a challenge and an experience, but I loved it. I found it gave me an excuse to try lots of new things and seek out new foods and it was a great way to get into the festive spirit this December.

Discovering new local producers


I love living in North Devon and we have a fantastic foodie community here with so many amazing gluten free treats! Boom Kitchen have been one of my favourites of the year, as well as discovering how good vegetarian food can taste at Beet Box in Croyde. The Waterside in Braunton has been a great find and of course, I’ve loved working with Johns of Instow on some fun collaborations!

Gluten free Hobnobs


Was this, or was this not, one of the most well-received new products of 2016? I used to absolutely love Hobnobs and it’s just another mainstream brand starting to make its products more accessible to all – let’s see what 2017 brings!

What have been your favourite moments and gluten free finds of 2016? If I’ve missed anything please comment below and share your favourites, I’d love to hear them!

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  1. I loved the mozerall sticks too – normal food eaters always look at me so weirdly when I say a highlight of my 2016 was food related – coeliac problems eyy! Hope 2017 is good for you!