Mouldy bread…time for a rant again!

And this time, you’ll all be pleased to know, I’m aiming it at the NHS!

When I placed my gluten-free prescription, I ordered Juvela Fresh Fibre Rolls as they were so delicious before. These are ordered in eight packets of five rolls, and as my doctor accidentally put one packet on my prescription, I was told by my pharmacy – who I won’t be naming to avoid trouble(!!) – that the prescription would have to be sent back to the surgery as it couldn’t be ordered in a pack of one.

Fine so far.

My Mum went down to the surgery for me as I couldn’t get out of work on time a few days later, and asked if there was a prescription for me waiting to be collected. They said no.

So when I went down to the pharmacy yesterday, one month on from this complication, I was not happy to find this…

Poor picture quality, but you can still see the mould!


The date I found them was the 4th September 2010. The sell by date was 19th August 2010.

They had said there was no prescription waiting for me. No one had rang me to tell me. Juvela had cooked up all this delicious bread just to be wasted. I hate throwing away food, this is such a waste of time and tax payers money. The surgery will DEFINITELY be hearing about this….I’ll keep you posted. Has this ever happened to you. Comment and let me know!!



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  2. Brian Whitelegge
    September 5, 2010 / 13:48

    Yes the pharmacy forgot they where there, so i got them a week later, they started going mouldy a couple of days later threw 3 packets away. this happens often with my pharmacy, but all other chemists in the area are owned by the same company, and they are all as bad as one another, L****S chemists are all the same. Rant over.

  3. LadyBizBiz
    September 6, 2010 / 09:42

    Sarah I have found that since Juvela changed the recipe way back earlier this year – yellow box now purple – the quality of the breadmix has declined. A freshly baked loaf used to last me 4 days, now it begins to harden after just 2 days!

    The change in mixture might be the cause of the pre-baked products becoming mouldy too.

    Seems to be advantageous to Juvela as folk will go through more breadmix as a result. I certainly have to order more from the chemist these days as I am baking more often as a result of the problems mentioned earlier.

    More frequent requests for stock from the Chemist to Juvela means that Juvela are raking in more and more profits … I once saw mention somewhere that one 500g box of breadmix costs the government £9.00!

  4. September 9, 2010 / 15:53

    Hi Sarah, It’s Jenny from Juvela – Sorry to hear you’ve had trouble with your pharmacist, we’ve very disappointed that our rolls were mouldy by the time they got to you! I will send you some replacements to cheer you up!

    Lady BizBiz – In reply to your comments, the Juvela All-Purpose Mix was relaunched with reduced salt content in at the end of 2009, which was in line with EU Guidelines on the salt content of foods.
    As our Mix can be used not just for making bread but for making a wide variety of dishes such as pastry, cakes, biscuits etc, which do not require salt, we reduced the salt.
    When making bread using the new mix we do have some new recipes to ensure optimum results and we recommend that you add the salt back in as this will ensure the best results and will improve the lifespan of your loaf.
    If you would like some tips on baking using the new mix, please feel free to contact our Home Economist Anna on 0800 783 1992 and she will be happy to offer some advice.

    With respect to the pre-baked products, the All-Purpose Mix is not the same as the ingredients used to make the fresh rolls etc so there is no relation between the problem Sarah has experienced and the new All Purpose Mix.

    The cost of Juvela products may vary from each pharmacy. We supply directly to pharmaceutical wholesalers, who in turn sell onto the pharmacy, the cost is dictated from this supplier and then by the pharmacy, not by Juvela.

    I hope this clears up some of the ‘myths’! If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us…

    Jenny (from The Juvela Team)
    0800 783 1992 or

    • Suzanne Webb
      September 20, 2010 / 16:31

      I am trying desperately to get hold of new white rolls by Juvela – delicious ! I have not had anything on prescription since 1994 when doctor refused to put more than one item on each, ie 6.75 an item ! BUT I can’t get Juvela products unless it is prescribed, or chemist agrees to buy in. That meant each 5 roll packet would cost £10.70 to me !!!! HOW MUCH A ROLL IS THAT ??? Shame. Lifestyle Healthcare do a great delivery service of fresh products ready to freeze, but no rolls like those.

      • CFR
        September 16, 2020 / 23:08

        Bit late for this, but maybe it will help somebody else. If you pay for prescriptions, consider buying a prepayment certificate. Prescriptions are all free here now, but a prepayment certificate lets you get as many prescriptions as you need for the period covered. (Used to be per quarter, six months or year, I think.) Almost certainly works out cheaper.

  5. sarahhowells
    September 25, 2010 / 21:10

    It is a shame that pharmacy’s seem to be so out of touch with their customers sometimes! Have spoken to the previous pharmacist who is a family friend and he was appalled at the situation. He said it probably an issue with the doctors as well as we have 2 pharmacies and they tend to deliver the order between them both so you never know where to go!
    Jenny, that was veryh kind of you to send out some more rolls, thankyou! I am in no way blaming Juvela for this but I am extremely chuffed to have my replacements safe and sound in the freezer now!
    Let’s hope this doesn’t happen again or I will be having serious words!!!

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